Monday, October 20, 2014

Halloween Author Invasion

Hey readers! Ethan here with a hug announcement for you guys! You guys know what's coming up, right? Only (one of) the best holiday of the year... HALLOWEEN! Tales of zombies, vampires, witches, goblins, and ghouls have been filling my Nook in preparation for this awesome day. Fall is my favorite time of the year and Halloween is so fun to celebrate. As a reader, I am drawn to the paranormal genre above all others. From YA to Adult, and across all genres, paranormal fiction is MY THING. So I thought to myself, "how can I combine my love of Halloween with my love of reading?", and just like that, the Halloween Author Invasion was born!

A short time later, I sent a message to my good friend, the amazing Christina from LuLo Fangirl about my idea and she was FULL of excitement! Not only was she excited, Christine had a plethora of amazing ideas. She took my brainchild to a whole new level, and together, we have created, what we believe, will be one of the most fun Halloween-reading events you've ever seen!

So what exactly is this Halloween Author Invasion? The HAI is a spooktacular week-long Facebook Event where some of the biggest (and my favorite) names in paranormal literature will be taking over the page and sharing all their Halloween goodness with us all! Christina and I scoured our e-Readers, bookshelves, and Goodreads to bring you guys some of the best authors we could find. We went outside the box and have a huge variety of both established and 'up-and-coming' authors. Christina and I are both passionate about Indie authors, so we have made sure to invite our favorites of them as well! I seriously think we have someone to satisfy just about every reader. Many of our participating authors write in many different genres including romance, historical fiction, and science fiction, giving us an awesome group of well-rounded authors. Each night during the event has been divided into categories and time slots, in which we have placed one of our authors. We have done our best to place "like" authors together based upon their genres, to better appeal to fans. During their scheduled host time, each author will be playing games, hosting giveaways, doing Q&A, giving sneak peeks of their upcoming works, and sharing with us some of their favorite things about the Halloween season.

Excited yet?

So who is participating in the Halloween Author Invasion? Well, I am glad you asked, because I have this awesome graphic that says just that, check it out:

Did you see that list? Yes!! Yes those are New York Times Bestselling authors! Yes, those are award winners, and yes, they are some of our favorites! How did we get so lucky? I have NO idea! But seriously, how great is that guest list? The Halloween Author Invasion is sure to be a huge success with such an amazing host of authors!

Do you still have questions? Fear not. My co-host and YouTube sensation, Miss Christina Marie from LuLo Fangirl has been pimping this event on her YouTube page and has made a couple of promo videos. Check out this one where she raves all about the Halloween Author Invasion:

Isn't my co-host the most amazing person on the planet? I sure seem to think so.

Okay, I've about told you guys all I can about the event, but you may be wondering, "why should I come?" And that's a great question. Why should you come? Uh... let me break it down for you like this: HALLOWEEN GIVEAWAYS!!! Books, swag, gift cards, etc, so many opportunities for prizes. Christina and I will be doing flash giveaways and special posts on our blogs/YouTube during the event so you guys will have PLENTY of opportunity to participate in all the fun. If you love to read, if you love Halloween, or if you love hanging out with awesome authors, readers, and bloggers, join us! We would be honored to have you there!

Now that you know all about the event:

Alright readers, that's all I have for you on the topic of the Halloween Author Invasion going on next week from October 26-30. I look forward to seeing a huge crowd there! Thanks so much for stopping by! Until next time, Happy Reading! See you Sunday!


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