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Halloween Author Invasion Author Spotlight: Camille Faye

Hey readers! We're nearing the end of October (my favorite month of the year), and you know what that means!? It's almost Halloween! As most of you already know, this year Christina from Lulo Fangirl and myself are co-hosting the Halloween Author Invasion event on Facebook from October 26-30! For those of you who don't know about the event, you can find out more by clicking here.

Who all is participating? Here's our amazing guest list:

Now that you guys are all FOR SURE familiar with the Halloween Author invasion, I have a fun post for you guys. To get everyone pumped about our amazing guest list, Christina and I will be featuring Author Spotlight posts for our authors to get you excited to party alongside them next week! Each post will feature the authors bio, links, and a fun exclusive Halloween-ish interview they have granted us for the event! We are so honored to have all of these amazing authors participating in our event! Are you ready to learn a little more about our line up? Here we go!


Camille Faye

Camille Faye lives in Missouri, loves on her hubby and two kiddos, and writes during the baby’s nap time. She grew up in a haunted house, which sparked her fascination with the paranormal. As a tween, she would type stories about princesses in faraway kingdoms on her mom’s electric typewriter. She went on to write for her high school and college newspapers, report local news for an NBC affiliate, and teach writing at universities in Missouri and Illinois.
When Camille made the decision to leave teaching in order to stay home with her kids, she decided to also follow her dream of writing a novel. She found the muse for her debut work, Voodoo Butterfly, during a family trip to New Orleans where she dreamt of a woman who had the power to change evil people good.
The Northwest Houston division of RWA named VoodooButterfly a 2013 Lone Star Contest finalist. The people and settings found in all of Camille's stories are inspired by her family life and her travels to 27 countries and counting!

Find Camille Faye
Well guys, what do you think? Camille sounds awesome right? I am so excited to check out her debut novel, Voodoo Butterfly! I met Mrs. Camille through the Ozarks Writers League group on Facebook, where we are both members! We actually discovered that we live close to each other so I hope to get to meet Mrs. Camille at an event soon! I know this read is going to be amazing and I am hoping to read it next week before Mrs. Camille joins us for the event next week! Here's some more info about her debut novel!
Voodoo Butterfly by Camille Faye
Release Date: October 20, 2014
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing
Genre: Paranormal, Romance, Women's Fiction

When twenty-five-year old Sophie Nouveau inherits her grandmother's voodoo shop she knows nothing about voodoo. Or her family's history of Mind Changers, who have the power to change evil people to good. To complicate matters, someone doesn't want Sophie in New Orleans and sends a series of death threats to scare her away from her new enchanted life.

Tipped off by her grandmother's ghost, Sophie realizes her mind-changing spell's been missing one magic ingredient: true love. If Sophie cannot experience transformative love, she cannot make her spell work, and she will be powerless to fight back when confronted by the one who wants her dead.
Halloween Spotlight Interview

What is your favorite supernatural genre (Witches, zombies, vampires, werewolves, etc) and why? 
"Hi, my name is Camille and I'm a Twilight Mom" [Insert scene from a Twilight Anonymous meeting]. I'll admit it...I'm a sucker for pop culture, so I'll gravitate toward whatever the masses are talking about. I am loving The Walking Dead TV series right now. But I also love classic reads like Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and Bram Stoker's Dracula.

What is your favorite horror film and/or read? 

The Exorcist. To me, you cannot get any scarier than that. And since I'm from Saint Louis, where a large portion of the real life exorcism was performed, it feels even more real to me. The actual case was about a boy (not a girl like in the movie) from Maryland, whose family came to Saint Louis to get help. He stayed with relatives and the home remains standing; weird things continue to happen there. The hospital where he was treated was torn down, but there's still a huge crack across the parking lot that appeared during the exorcism. They have tried, many times in the decades since, to repair the crack and it CANNOT BE FIXED. Crazy, huh?

What is your favorite Halloween costume (or your favorite that you have worn/have seen)? 
My family is going as Monsters Inc. this year. My toddler daughter looks just like Boo, so I made her a purple tube with eyeballs popping out of the hood. My son will be Sully, my hubby will be Mike Wazowski, and I'll be his girlfriend with the snake hair. (we're going to need pictures of this costime, Mrs. Camille!)

What is your favorite Halloween candy?

Anything chocolate. There is no Switch Witch at our house and I'm not afraid to admit it: I steal my kids' Halloween candy :)

What is your favorite part about Halloween? 

Our neighborhood does a Halloween parade where we block off the street so none of the kids get hurt. The adults hand out candy, cozy up to their fire pits in the driveway, and grab a beer, while the kiddos Trick-or-Treat. It lasts about a half hour or so, but I gave away four big bags of candy last year. It's so popular that people even invite their extended family members to join in. Good times, good times.

What is your favorite Halloween memory? 
One Halloween (when I was about 7), my mom, my sister, and I had just gotten back from showing our costumes to my grandmas. The house was completely dark. My dad snuck up from the basement, dressed as a werewolf, and scared us so bad. He did a really good job: messy hair, grizzly beard, fake teeth, brown face paint, and torn clothes. I thought it was hilarious because I just LOVE being scared and facing my fears. (Even when I was little my parents called me Evil Knievel because of my daredevil ways.) But my 5-year-old sister was so scared she refused to go Trick-or-Treating with us.


Well, what do you think? Excited to hang out with Camille Faye during the Halloween Author Invasion? I know we sure are!

Camille will be taking over the event on Tuesday, October 28th!

We can't wait to see you there! Go show Camille some love and tell her you can't wait to party! Thanks so much for stopping by. Until next time, Happy Reading!


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