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Citadel of Fire by Matthew Wolf Blog Tour + Interview

Hey readers! Happy Monday! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Got an awesome blog tour stop for you today along with an exclusive interview with Matthew Wolf! Up on the chopping block today? Citadel of Fire by Matthew Wolf! Here's a little bit about the book and about our author before we get to the interview!

Seventeen-year old Gray is descended from a legendary hero known as a Ronin, and haunted by his forgotten past. He returns home to a wizards’ keep, unaware he is now labeled a murderous traitor for killing his best friend.

Returning could be a death sentence, but the journey alone is perilous. Along the way, Gray discovers he has a grandfather. Now he must reach the city before his only living family dies beneath a madman’s torture. Getting there will be a challenge, however, as an enthrallingly unpredictable woman, a dangerous desert, and a horde of thieves stand in his way. Wielding the banished power of wind, Gray rallies against the poisonous evil that seeks to convert the world to their mantra, “strength is life, weakness death.”

Yet with an affable scoundrel and a clever bookworm at his side, Gray discovers the world’s greatest secret… He is not the only one with hero’s blood, and the legend of the Ronin walk the world once again.

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Matthew Wolf 

Matthew Wolf is the author of The Ronin Saga. Or maybe he's a Ronin. Either way, he's involved somehow. Aside from epic fantasy, he enjoys woodcrafting, outdoors, a bit of a health nut (Kale is good!), and trains in kung fu.

His childhood of traveling the world and studying Old English and Japanese influenced the schemes of the Saga, and the world of Farhaven. He is a graduate from UCSB with a Literature degree and a specialization in Medieval Literature and Japanese.  His novels include THE KNIFE’S EDGE, and CITADEL OF FIRE, of the bestselling YA Epic Fantasy series, The Ronin Saga.

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1) You wake up tomorrow morning and find that, like the characters in this series, you find yourself wrestling with an elemental power inside yourself. What Elemental power do you have?
Dang, first off: I wish.  Second, I’d probably wield the element of leaf because I’ve always felt that humans are mean to be connected to nature, but there’s been this shift or slow departure from the natural world and I find myself drawn to it, the way Ishmael from Melville’s Moby Dick is drawn towards the sea. But I think wind is truly limitless—so I envy Gray for that.  Hmm, but flesh is just so interesting and different, and metal in the world we live in has monumental potential as seen by Magneto from X-Men. I love my strong silent types too, so Dared and the power of moon has always been such a nice mesh of characterization.  In the end, I’d probably just be nature though, and only be able to lift small to medium-sized coffee tables.

2) Is there any message you want readers to get from reading the book/series?
Lose yourself in the realm of the fantastic for being immersed in a truly great series can grant you a kind extra-self, a person living two lives—one in the realm of our world, and the second in a realm full of characters with power and magic and more; only to realize that the difference between these two worlds might not be as profound as we may think.
But most importantly, when I was young I read fantasy books ripe with honor, and courage, of virtue—I cherished every moment a character would choose the courageous over the cowardly, and these traits helped craft the man I am today.  If the saga can help others embrace some of these codes in any way, I’ll be a happy man. 

3) What authors/works of literature have helped to inspire this series?
Sword of Truth, Wheel of Time, Lord of The Rings, Le Mort De Arthur, Seven Samurai.

4) Can you give us a glimpse of what the future holds for The Ronin Saga?
Many more great books and hopefully lots to follow—games, movies, the Saga is truly one that I can only see growing and growing, and I hope to meet many many more fans along the way.

5) The Ronin Saga marks your first adventure into the literary world. What else can we expect from Matthew Wolf? More fantasy? Or something else? 
More fantasy! I get this question a lot, and the truth is I’ve only skimmed the froth off the world of the Saga with book one, and got a good spoonful of what’s to come in book two, Citadel of Fire, but there’s so much more of the world to unveil: characters to see, mystery and intrigue, action, plot arcs and gut-wrenching twists that should hopefully make even the most hardened reader’s head spin, and so much more.

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I don't know about you guys, but our author Mr. Matthew Wolf sounds like an awesome guy! An awesome author with an amazing series! I am a big fan of this saga and will posting my review of both books soon! Be on the look out for that! What do you guys think? Sound up your alley?  If so, head over to the purchase links and get yourself a copy today! Also, make sure before you leave that you enter that amazing giveaway supplied by the author! I appreciate you stopping by and hope you all have a fantastic week! Special thanks to Jean from JeanBookNerd for allowing me to participate! Until next time, Happy Reading!


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