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Ethan Gregory

A recent college graduate, Ethan hails from the Missouri Bootheel, though don't ask where, you'd miss it anyway! Ethan used his small town wit and charm to push his way through four years at Missouri State University where he graduated with a double bachelors degree in history and anthropology in the Spring of 2014. After working a long list of boring jobs, Ethan finds himself now on the search for a "career" while working a plethora of interesting jobs. When he isn't studying or working, Ethan can usually be found attached to his Nook reading the latest and greatest. His love of literature can be attributed to his amazing family and a few select instructors who have taught him that the best way to find himself is through a good book. An avid fan of the entertainment industry, Ethan is always up to date on the film and TV scene, but is a huge fan of all things Broadway (random, he knows).

As of 2015, Ethan is also an agency intern with the Corvisiero Literary Agency under the direction of Sarah Negovetich.

His hobbies include sleep, looking for a prospective wife, and speaking in the third person.

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  1. What do you mean "looking for a prospective wife"??? Explain yourself, fiance?! *hehehehe*

    1. I desperately need to update this information. Note to self: write new bio. Add: 'Found Future Bookish Wife: Happily in Love'