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This is just a page for me to share picture of author events and pics of me with all the authors I have met! It's been an amazing experience and I hope to add all kinds of great people to this list! I've tried to do them in chronological order, but I'm sure they will just be random and sporadic!

Me with Margaret Stohl, co-author to one of my all time favorite book series, Beautiful Creatures! Margaret was the first author I really connected with on Twitter and she remembered me! It was an AMAZING feeling and gave me my first taste of the author event bug!

Margaret even signed my copy as "Ethan, my pal!" then the "XO" really sealed the deal, this woman is such an awesome author, I've read all her works and she is a favorite of mine!

Oliver North made the trip to Bass Pro shops in December, it was a great opportunity to meet such an influential author who has had such an interesting story, definitely making himself a place on the shelves of American History!


Cora Carmack
At the Authors Visiting in Des Moines event in April of 2013, I got the opportunity to FINALLY meet Cora Carmack. I am a member of Cora's street team promoting her Rusk University series and have worked very closely to Cora for a while. She has become both a great influence and a close friend to me over our time together. Seriously love this woman. She is definition of awesome sauce! Can't wait until I see her again!

Jennifer L. Armentrout
Another of my most prized possessions, Cora was awesome enough to personalize two copies of her books for me. The first, Losing It reads "Ethan, Thanks for all your work on the Street Team! Dream Big, Live Bold, Embrace the Awkward!" and the second, Faking It, reads "ETHAN!!! Ahh! You're my favorite! Thanks for being a Unicorn (running joke between the two of us)! Inhale the present, Exhale the past!". She is so awesome, words cannot describe!

Also at AViD, I was surprised to meet the absolutely AMAZING Jennifer L. Armentrout! I had connected with Jennifer on Twitter and through my blog prior to meeting her, so this was a true treat. I hadn't read many of Jennifer's works at the time, but have now read the Covenant and Lux series and can officially say she is one of my favorite authors. I cannot wait to spend more time with Jennifer in the future! My best friend Megan is pictured with us!
With Kiera Cass at the Dark Days Tour in St. Louis, MO

With Kelly Armstrong at the Dark Days Tour in St. Louis, MO
With Kimberly Derting at the Dark Days Tour in St. Louis, MO

I also had the great opportunity to travel to St. Louis, MO in early May of 2014 to meet the amazing ladies of the Dark Days tour including Mrs. Kimberly Derting. Kim is an absolutely amazing author who was so nice and personable! She not only remembered me, but even knew the name of the blog and thanked me for all my promotion. It's always so awesome to meet down to Earth authors! She was awesome! Can't wait to review Taken VERY soon!

The entire reason Megan and I sought out the Dark Days Tour was so I would have the opportunity to meet Danielle Paige. Danielle is the author of one of my favorite books of the year, Dorothy Must Die, you all will remember my multiple posts about it. As a huge Oz fan, meeting Danielle was a very special experience for me. She also remembered me and we talked for a very long time about the book and about her experiences as an author. I even stuck around after her line had died down so we could just chat. She remembered me from the posts and from the emails we have sent back and forth. I was so excited to meet her that I was shaking after it was over, I swear! Doesn't get much cooler than that! This will always remain a special moment to me! Danielle was DEFINITELY an amazing woman to meet!

One of my most cherish possessions as of right now, Danielle personalized this as "Ethan, thank you for all the Dorothy love! Follow your Yellow Brick Road, XOXO!" Danielle really is at the top of my list of authors, even if she only has one book out. Meeting her was one of the greatest experiences I have had and I look forward to any opportunity I get to make her acquaintance again!

Finally met Jay Crownover at the Nashville Author Event in June of 2014!

Met Rebecca Donovan at the Nashville Author Event in June of 2014!

Meeting the amazing Colleen Hoover was one of the coolest moments I have had on this journey! Here I am pictured alongside Colleen at the Nashville Author Event in June of 2014!

I also got to meet Heidi McLaughlin at the Nashville Author Event in June of 2014!

Wouldn't be a hall of fame with mentioning the time I met Mrs. Tina Reber at the Nashville Author Event in June of 2014!

Oh Jenn... What an interesting time I had meeting you! One of my most memorable experiences at an event, Jenn is HILARIOUS! Here I am with Jenn Sterling at the Nashville Author Event in June of 2014!

One of my favorite authors, KA Tucker. KA wrote the Causal Enchantment series which ended up being one of my all time favorites!

I FINALLY got to meet Chelsea Fine at UtopYAcon last year. Trust me people, there was flailing. I spent a lot of time in Nashville last summer and met some incredible people. Chelsea is one of my all time favorite authors. I couldn't love her guts any more if I tried! Such an honor to meet her!

Meeting the amazing KP Simmon of InkSlinger PR. KP has been a great supporter of mine since day one and I'm so proud to call her a friend. Meeting her IRL was great!

AHH Kallie Ross! I also got the chance to meet Mrs. Kallie Ross at UtopYA! Her debut novel, Descent was one of my favorite reads of 2014! She is such an incredible person inside and out!

Meeting Brandy Nacole at a local signing in Springfield, Missouri. Brandy is the author of the Spiritual Discord series! Such a pleasure to meet her!

Got to spend some quality time with my girl S.J. McMillan several times this past year. She's another local author who write some absolutely incredible novels!

Hanging out with the amazing Ellen Harger at a local author event this past fall!

Got to meet and listen to Mrs. Sorchia DuBois at the Kimberling City Author Event this past February. Her debut novel Just Like Gravity was an incredible read!
Not only did I drive all the way to Austin, TX for the Austin Book Bash, I walked into Jennifer L. Armentrout as soon as I walked in the door. We're pictured with one of my best bookish friends, Steph from Smart and Savvy with Steph!

Want to talk about some flailing? You should have been there where this picture was taken. There was a lot of screaming when Chelsea Fine and I were reunited again for the first time in eight months!

Getting to meet two of my all time favorites, Mrs. Amy Bartol and Mrs. Heather Lyons! These ladies are AWESOME.

You can't even call your event a success if you don't get to rock out with Jay Crownover. Flat out. This lady is awesome!

Got to spend a little one-on-one time speaking with Heather Lyons at the Austin Book Bash, we bonded over our love of history and archaeology. She's awesome!

Be jealous, I met Rachel Harris. TWO TIMES this day. It was a crazy day haha. Rachel is awesome and it was such an honor to meet her!

FINALLY got to meet the absolutely incredible Nazarea Andrews. N is one of my closest bookish friends and it was a huge deal for me to finally meet her in person! What an awesome day!

I SAW CHELSEA FINE... AGAIN! Haha! Each and every time I see her awesome self, there will be pictures. I promise you that!

Chelsea Cameron in the house! She's been deemed my "Hard Rock Buddy" since I first met her when we had lunch together in Nashville for UtopYA. I was so happy to see her again!

Another awesome opportunity for me to see Mrs. KA Tucker again! She's still awesome!

Finally got a good pic of just me and Jenn! Such an honor to call this incredible author a friend. I've traveled some long distances to see her and I'd do it all again in a heartbeat, she's awesome!

Got to meet the amazing Katie McGarry at Austin Book Bash, she was awesome and I can't wait to see her again!

Met R.S. Grey in Austin as well. All these pictures make me look so tall! Haha! She was so great to meet in person!

I seriously would travel to all fifty states to see this woman. Funny thing is I hadn't even read a book by her until two weeks ago. She's just one hell of a lady and she makes my day each and every time. J. Sterling everyone!

Chilling out at the Austin Book Bash after party with J. Sterling, Nazarea Andrews, and Chelsea Fine. What an awesome event! 

Meeting NYT Bestselling author Ellen Hopkins with Megan at a signing in Springfield, MO in April of 2015.

Meeting Chris Crutcher! Chris is the very first male author I have gotten to meet in real life since starting this blog so this was a great honor. He's an incredible speak with a great story to tell, it was an honor to make his acquaintance!

Check back often, I'll add to this as I meet more authors! Share your author pics and stories below! I'd love to hear them!

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