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As of 6/28/2016, I am not accepting reviews at this time. Please feel free to contact me for promotion opportunities, however my TBR mountain has reached its' peak. I will remove this notice and post to my social media accounts when I begin to accept requests again. Thank you for your interest! -Ethan

About My Reviews
It is my desire to provide readers with excellent reviews that will help them decide if a book is worth both their money and their reading time.

In most cases, my reviews are rather lengthy and in depth. I try to speak about numerous elements of the read including character development, plot, theme, and nearly always remark on the romance element (if present). Everyone’s time is valuable and I do my best to ensure my reader is picking a book that will fit their interest. That being said, I also will speak in detail about the elements of a novel that I find to be unfavorable. I strive for honesty in my reviews and do my best to provide a well-rounded review. I find it a great honor to be gifted a novel by an author for review so I do my best to make that my review count. I owe it to both the reader and the author to provide honest feedback.

Glancing at my archive, you will find that most of my reviews will tend to be positive. This is not by mistake. I have a meticulous qualification process before I ever read the book. In other words, I only review books that I am actually interested in reading and that I think I would enjoy.

The rating system is 5(+) stars, with some half star designations (though not often as no review site offers half-star rating options, In those cases I will review on the higher side rather than the lower). It is essentially a measure of how much I like the book and how close to perfection I think it is.

5+ stars- One of my new favorite reads. Could not put it down! Near-Perfect read!
5 stars – Amazing book. Enjoyed from cover-to-cover. Highly recommended!
4 stars – An enjoyable read, with a few comments.
3 stars – An OK book. I finished it, I liked it enough to review, but nothing life-changing.
2 stars – A mediocre book, or one I didn't particularly care for.
1 star – Absolutely hated book. Do not recommend.

*Note: I will not post reviews for any book I deem lower than 3 stars. In instances where my review is less than favorable, I will contact the author explaining my thoughts, if necessary.

What I'm Reading/Reviewing
I review a plethora of reads on this site and am generally not stingy about what I read. I mostly review fiction, fantasy, horror, historical fiction, and, above all, paranormal.I am a huge fan of the New Adult genre and those reads will be given priority, however, I am always interested in Young Adult reads as well. At this time I am not accepting review requests for romance. That being said, I understand that some books are cross-genre and there very well may be a romantic element in your read. That is perfectly fine. By "romance" I am meaning any book where that is the primary genre. While Adult novels are not preferred, they will be given consideration on a case-by-case basis.

I would also like to state that I am a huge supporter of indie, or self-published, authors. If you are not traditionally published, please do not be shy about contacting me. I love to help out indie authors in any way possible. Self-published authors produce some of the highest quality works I read and oftentimes become my friends through our correspondences. Debut novel or New York Times bestseller, we're all in the literary world striving towards the same goal!

All books submitted for review will be strongly considered but may not be reviewed or accepted. It is my desire to keep this blog full of high-quality books. Readers take reviews very seriously when deciding upon whether or not to read a book. It is my primary goal to assist my readers in finding books that I believe they will enjoy.

Books to be reviewed should be completed and ready to be published. At this time I am accepting review requests in both physical and digital forms. *Note: I use Barnes & Noble/Nook for my primary reading experience and will require epub files when sending review copies/ARCs.

Where can you find my reviews?
Each of my reviews will be posted on my blog and can be found via the search bar or the archives. Every review will also be cross-posted to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and on Goodreads. You can click each link to be taken to my respective pages. Each review will also be promoted via Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

If you are interested in having me review your works or have any comments or questions, please email Ethan at I strive to respond to all emails within one week, however please remain patient if you haven't received a response within that time frame. I also do my best to review books in a timely manner, but as a recent college graduate, life is currently hectic. If you are on a specific time frame, please include that information in your email.

Thank you so much for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

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