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Top 14 of 2014 Day Two: Top 14 Moments of Quotes from Books

Hey everyone! First off MERRY CHRISTMAS! Second, 2014 is coming to a close and a few of my favorite bloggers are ending this year on a high note with their very own "Top 14 of 2014" blog series! Each day from now until New Years, a host of bloggers will be posting their "Top 14" answers to the following questions:

Sounds exciting, right?

As you can see, today's topic is "Top 14 New-To-You Authors". Since I am doing this post on Christmas Eve, I am not going to make it all fancified as I generally would. I am going to list the authors right here along with a few reasons why they've made my Top 14 list! Fair warning, several of these authors will be reappearing throughout the next week!

In no particular order, I present to you: my 'Top 14 Moments of Quotes from Books"...
*Click each book's title to be taken to its' Goodreads page.

"I knew then that death could stop a lot of things, but it could never cut the bond of friendship."
-Jennifer L. Armentrout, Apollyon.

"Even though it wasn't about aesthetics, something else- something deeper. Something about our histories defining us. Something like that, but it's too complicated to think about in this state, so I think I'm just going to stare at the stars."
-KB Nelson, Carnival

"There is only my past and there is my present and future. The two cannot collide. I believe physics make that impossible."
-Heather Lyons, The Collectors' Society

"Instead, she slept on, dreaming of things that were far eerier than a ring. Even eerier than an unknown Cast- forever Binding a Siren, a Natural, a Keeper, a Wayward, and two Incubuses- under a summer moon in a Caster county. A full moon was for making magic. Magic and memories."
-Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, Dangerous Creatures

"You may not be able to control your future, but you can control how you handle it. Don't let the fear rule you, rule the fear."
-Christine Manzari, Deviation

"Adventure begins with not knowing what comes next."
-Gregory Maguire, Egg & Spoon

"Humanity had progressed too far beyond our help. We were spiritual guides but humanity no longer had a need for spirituality. The world prayed to technology and cares less and less about its impact on the world around it."
-Jon Messenger, Flame Caller

"If it meant saving his life, I would carry him from one end of this planet to the other if I had to. He was all the family I had." (Quote may need context to make sense, but the feels here are real people!)
-Stacey O'Neale, Fragile Reign

"At the end of the day, people with disabilities are just people. Treat them with respect, just like you treat anyone else. Talk to them normally- just like anyone else. And, this is the hardest part, hold them to the same expectations you hold everyone else. You may have to use a different approach, and you sure as heck will need a lot of patience. But if you can do that, you'll see something magical."
-Laura Ward, Not Yet

"The houses are small and crooked, but the trees are large and stand up tall. Large oaks stretch their canopies over the leaky roofs and peeling paint of the homes below, keeping the secrets in and the sunlight out."
-Chelsea Fine, Sophie & Carter

"If you don't know what you'd die for, you haven't lived passionately enough."
-Megan Curd, Steel Lily

“Who we were shapes us into who we are, and who we are shapes us into who we’ll become.”
-Rachel Aukes, 100 Days in Deadland

“You don’t need wheels on your house to get somewhere better. All you need is something to give you that extra push.”
-Danielle Paige, Dorothy Must Die

“Another secret of the universe: Sometimes pain was like a storm that came out of nowhere. The clearest summer could end in a downpour. Could end in lightning and thunder.”
-Benjamin Alire Saenz, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

Alright guys, there are my top 14 quotes of 2014. I'll be completely honest with you guys, I read A LOT of ARCs, but unfortunately most of them expire so I lose my quotes. I had several awesome quotes that had expired so I wasn't able to grab them. These 14 quotes are awesome and really special to me, but I know there are many, many more! What are your favorite book quotes of 2014? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks so much for stopping by. Until next time, Happy Reading!


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  1. Lots of great quotes here, Ethan. I used to have that trouble with losing highlights on ARCs, so I started adding my favorite quotes on Goodreads. Just something to think about for next year. :)

    Thanks for participating!