Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Waiting on Wednesday {30}

Hey everyone and welcome to my weekly Waiting on Wednesday meme post! This is just a once a week deal where each Wednesday I post about one book I am looking forward to reading and then link it up to the host blog, 
Breaking the Spine, where I can be connected to over 200 other readers and bloggers who are looking for a new read! My friend Kim from kimberlyfayereads participates in this meme each week and it has always looked like a great time. Below you will find the book cover, synopsis, Goodreads link and my reasons for waiting on this read! Enjoy!

This week's WOW is... Descent by Kallie Ross!

Title: Descent (The Lost Tribe #2)
Author: Kallie Ross
Genre: Young Adult/Adventure/Fantasy
Release Date: May 21, 2015

After emerging from her Descent into an uncharted underground world, Ollie Miller is sure of three things. First, her feelings for her best friend, Mateo, are far from platonic. She can't even look at Mateo without blushing at the memory of his lips on hers. Second, an evil man named Zadok is plotting to destroy the civilization above the surface. Third, there is no way to save the earth without returning underground. At least this time, she will have her mother along with Mateo and her friends to help guide her.

On their journey, noor, a mystical blessing guides them, but only if they’re willing to follow. Ollie’s determined to save the tribe from their evil leader, even if it means facing off with her long-lost grandfather. As Zadok comes face to face with his runaway daughter and his granddaughter, his plan starts to unravel, but is it too late to stop the destruction that he put into motion? Can the tribe survive and the surface be saved? Will Ollie learn to trust her own heart before it is too late?
Defend is the conclusion to Ollie's discovery of a lost tribe in Descent. Don’t miss this adventure, brimming with ancient secrets and a thrilling underworld.

Why am I waiting?

Some of you may remember last summer when I was introduced to a debut author with a big story to tell. I took the plunge into the unknown and fell in love with Descent, making it my favorite debut novel of 2014. Kallie Ross' incredible talent, perfect infused with a story full of fantasy and suspense was more than enough to make me one of her biggest fans and supporters! We need more authors like Kallie Ross on the market, folks! To say that I'm pumped for this one would be an understatement! Defend is going to pick up right after the big reveal in the finale of Descent and will find our heroes, once again, on a journey beneath the Earth's surface. This time there's so much more at stake than their own futures! Ross announced that Defend will be the conclusion to this exciting duology, leaving me both sad and excited for what she could possibly have up her sleeve next! Do yourself a favor and add this series to your TBR, you won't be disappointed!

What are YOU waiting on this week?

Thanks for stopping by, Happy Reading! 


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