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Bad Reputation and Bad Situation by KB Nelson Cover Reveal

Hey readers, Ethan here with a fun post for you guys on this awesome Friday! Are you a fan of KB Nelson? You won't want to miss this one! Today I'm honored to be revealing the covers to Nelson's two newest works: Bad Reputation and Bad Situation!



June 15, 2015


BAD SITUATION (Brick's Story)

JULY 2015



BAD REUTATION She knows better. She just doesn’t care. Apple Malloy is a woman scorned. Scorned by a society that has shamed her, and scorned by the men who have claimed her. On the verge of college graduation, Apple finds herself entangled in one last game of manipulation, deceit and sexual corruption with her former lover, and constant enabler, Brick Valmont. Apple sets her sights on Jensen Moon—the enigmatic professor who had failed her the semester prior—and vows revenge. She’ll make him fall in love with her, and then break his heart, leaving his reputation destroyed in the process. Brick makes her a wager she can’t refuse. If Apple can seduce Jensen before Brick can sleep with Tyra Young, the beautiful, innocent daughter of a sitting U.S. Senator, then she will emerge victorious. If she wins, she gets the satisfaction that she has beaten him at his own game. If she loses, she must sleep with Brick one last time before heading separate ways. Apple is a pro at this. She knows how to maneuver men and wrap them around her finger. She knows how to get what she wants, but Jensen tosses an unexpected grenade into her path to victory. Soon, she realizes it is she that might face the worst fate of all. She falls in love. Jensen has a power over Apple and it terrifies her. He can make her feel things. He can make her heart race. He might be the only one capable of saving her soul before it’s too late. But one thing is certain—nobody escapes unscathed in this titillating story of manipulation where nothing is as it appears. Bad Reputation is the first book in the Bad Reputation series, and is loosely based on the 1782 classic novel, Dangerous Liaisons.


Apple and Brick make a bet
I throw my arms around his neck and he steadies himself with his hands pushed against the mattress. “Every girl on campus wants him. He’s like the ultimate prize of every young girls fucked up daddy fantasy. I’ll be the one to claim him.” “Then what?” “I’ll break his heart and destroy his reputation in the process.” He throws his arms around my waist and squeezes me tightly. “You’re quite the vindictive bitch, aren’t you?” I give him another blow against his chest, knocking him onto his back. “You think you know me, Brick. I’ll continue surprising you while you continue to flatline.” “All of this for a bad grade? “ His brow furrows, as if it’s a shocking revelation that something so small could trigger something so cruel. “It’s not like you actually deserved anything higher than an ‘F’.” “It’s not about the grade. It’s not even about him. It’s about being the girl accomplishing what nobody else could.” I buck my hips and bounce against his restrained cock. “I’ll be a legend.” “Wait a minute,” he says and pushes me off him and to the side. “Did you say I was flatlining?” “I’m going to need you to keep up, Brick.” “Nah.” He reaches down and adjusts his dick through the thin, black fabric of boxer briefs. It’s important—apparently—to make sure your junk is comfortable before confronting accusations about your stagnating reputation. “You can’t just put something like that out there.” “What are you going to do about it?” His eyes sparkle. Nothing good can come of this. “How about a bet?” I roll my eyes and spin my feet of the edge of the bed. “You have nothing that I want.” “How about this?” He crawls to me and kneels behind my lingerie-clad body. “You say I’m flatlining. I say I’m just taking my time.” He curls his fingers under the strap of my bra and leans in closer. “But if I can seduce Tyra Young, the unapproachable and untouchable daughter of Senator Young before you can seduce and break that poor man’s heart, then you have to sleep with me one last time before we head separate ways come graduation.” “I’m still not seeing what’s in it for me.” “If I win…” His mouth hovers along my neck, planting short, tempting kisses between each word. “You still win because then you can have this any time you want.” I throw my hand behind his head and crane my neck to meet his gaze. “And if I win—“ “That’s not going to happen,” he interrupts with the most devious of smiles, the kind that could cut diamonds out of glass. “It’s simple. If I win, you have to admit that I’m better at this game than you.” “That’s all?” I raise myself off the bed and onto my feet. “In person and in writing.” I can’t help but smile wickedly. “I’ll frame that confession for generations to come. It’ll stand as the eighth wonder of the world displayed next to the Mona Lisa in The Goddamn Louvre.” “We have a deal.” He scoots to the edge of the bed, his steel abs contracting and expanding as he throws his hand out to shake mine. “I look forward to fucking your brains against that wall behind us.”


Apple tries to get close to Jensen Moon
“I’m going to come out and say it,” I say through ragged breaths. I’m flustered and it’s taking my breath away. “I’m full of shit.” That stops him in his tracks. His interest is officially piqued. “I don’t give a damn about purity or Jesus or two out of the three Jonas Brothers.” “Jonas—“ “Nick managed to escape the occult.” “I have places to be, Apple.” “I need your class to graduate and I know it’s unsavory to ask—“ “I’m not going to sleep with you for a retroactive A.” That hadn’t even crossed my mind, but I’m going to add it to the to-do list. “That’s not even close to the direction I was heading. You’re going straight to Texas there, and I’m standing up here in freezing-cold Canada.” I shove my hand into my pocket and swivel on my feet. “Like I said, I need your class to graduate. And I want to graduate on time, so please don’t tell me I have to take it in the summer.” “You’ll have to take it in the summer.” He nods as if we’ve reached the conclusion of our conversation and prepares to leave me standing in the middle of the quad. “I’ll do whatever it takes.” He looks over his shoulder and smiles. “We’re back to that again, huh?”

K.B. Nelson
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Alright readers, that's all I have for you on the topics of Bad Reputation and Bad Situation by KB Nelson. As you know well know, I'm a huge fan of all of Nelson's works. The Carnival series is one of my all time favorite NA series! I'm anxious to hear how Nelson pulls this series off! Be sure to add it to your TBR!


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  1. I'm really excited for this one Ethan! I'm glad you had this cover reveal! After Carnival, I can't wait!