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Football Friday Week Six: Meet Coach Cole and the Rusk University Wildcats + GIVEAWAY

Hello readers and a very Happy Friday! Congratulations again on making it through yet another week. I know many of you, like myself, will be taking finals or finishing up school here in the next few days so this is a very special Friday for us all, with many reasons to celebrate! Before you start the partying, I have another VERY special edition of OneGuysGuideToGoodReads to share with ya'll. I know you guys are just as excited as I am so here we go: it's Football Friday!! As you guys have undoubtedly heard, I am an avid fan of Cora Carmack and a member of her Street Team, promoting her newest Rusk University series, starting with All Lined Up, coming at ya on May 13! Just in case you have been living under a rock, I have all the information about All Lined Up available on the sidebar of my blog! Look over here>>>>>

In case you guys aren't good with math, that's only 5 days away! Actually, not even that. By the time you guys get to read this, it'll only be three days! Cora and our amazing crew have decided to reward you, the readers, with a special treat each Friday. I welcome you to our sixth and final Football Friday! Each Friday until release day I, along with my fellow Street Teamers and Cora herself, will be giving you guys an insight to six of the books main characters!  Check out my previous Football Friday posts at any of the links below! Each one is about a different character in Cora's All Lined Up!

Alright everyone, hope you're ready, because here is our sixth and final edition of Rusk University Football Friday!

This week I am honored to present to you the most exciting edition of Football Friday! The reason for the entire celebration: Coach Cole and the members of the Ruck University Wildcats!

Coach Cole
Just in case the surname and the title aren't enough explanation for Coach Cole for ya, let me fill you in. Coach Cole is the father of our main character, Dallas Cole (we met her in week two). It just so happens that Coach Cole is also, you guessed it, the new coach of the Rusk University Wildcats football program. Coach Cole is a winner through and through. His specialty is to take losing football programs and turn them around into winning ones. He is pretty doggone good at his job, as you guys will see in All Lined Up. Cora has talked at great length about how special this book is to her. Cora also grew up in Texas and was the father of a football coach! Who better to write a story like this than someone who has lived through the experience? Coach Cole is one of my favorite characters in the book. He is a pretty "no nonsense" kind of guy but he has a great storyline. He can be seen as a tough guy to get along with, particularly where Dallas is involved, but from the very beginning we are introduced to a Coach Cole that is a true Southern gentleman: caring for his daughter, God-fearing christian (you can ALWAYS find Coach Cole in church on a Sunday morning. Dallas will probably be there too, but she'll be less than enthusiastic about it), and a great football coach and role model for his players. I'm not sure I have ever met a coach of any sport that is as cool as Cora has made Coach Cole, but I think he'd be an awesome guy to play under. Coach Cole is also great about recognizing talent, especially in a second string Carson McClain (our male main character you met in week one). You guys will quickly learn that Coach Cole is probably best remembered for his mantra, and our unofficial tagline for the Rusk University Wildcats: No Easy Days!

Check out this awesome sauce Coach Cole Graphic by Street Team member Krista!

The Rusk University Wildcats
I don't have to explain to you guys that a Football team is made up of many, many players and while we don't get to meet ALL of them in All Lined Up, we do get to meet several. Ones we have already met include Carson, Silas, Levi, and Ryan (as the Team Manager), however there are multiple other players who, while they do not play a major role in our story, play the ever important role as members of the Rusk University Wildcats Football team! I am sure as the series progresses we will meet more and more of these guys (and maybe a few cheerleaders as well... Cora?) [I can always hope, right]! For now, how about we check out these amazing graphics that were created by some of the Street Team members! 


This is an amazing graphic!

And last but not least, I present to you guys my FAVORITE graphic that has been made thus far promoting All Lined Up! It comes to us via Kim at KimberlyFayeReads! She has made a plethora of amazing graphics for our Football Fridays and I just had to give her a shout out! Here's her best work yet, in my opinion: 


Alright guys, that's all I have for you on the topic of Coach Cole and the Rusk University Wildcats, but wait, THERE'S MORE!! Several of the other amazing Street Team members that I have the great fortune of working with are giving you THEIR take on Coach and the team! Wanna learn more? Check out any of their amazing blogs below!

Before you leave, how about another awesome giveaway from Cora? Register here to win the LAST signed ARC of All Lined Up

a Rafflecopter giveaway  

Well guys, this brings us to the end of our All Lined Up promotional Football Fridays. Football Fridays have been the coolest thing for me to do. I am hoping to get the chance to participate in the next Street Team so there may be more Football Fridays to come. Don't get upset though, I am on the official blog tour for All Lined Up so you guys can look forward to a FULL exciting post full of graphics, videos, etc, I will be pulling out ALL THE STOPS for that one on May 27th. You guys will actually be seeing that one while I am out of the country (going to Mexico for my senior trip, only one week until I am a college graduate! Ahh!), but I will have a co-blogger make sure everything is up and running for you guys. In the coming weeks be on the look out for some info on upcoming author events and a few more book reviews I am working on! Don't be a stranger guys, comment below and say hey! I love to hear from my readers! Happy Reading!

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