Sunday, May 11, 2014

Rusk University Spirit Week

Hey everyone! Just a short post to keep you all informed! This week to celebrate the release of Cora Carmack's All Lined Up, her team is putting on the first ever Rusk University Spirit Week! A week full of fun events and themed days to get every fan out there PUMPED about All Lined Up! Here's the official teaser graphic with all the days listed!

Now for those of you who may not understand what we have going on here, the spirit week will take place in the form of a Facebook group that can be found By Clicking Here. Head over to the page, register as attending and get ready! Each day we have been divided into teams to bring you fun events themed around the release of All Lined Up! It's going to be a great time. In addition to fun events, we have LOTS of exciting things I CAN'T tell you about yet! BUT I can tell you to expect some guest appearances from some AMAZING authors, including our own, the absolutely amazing Cora Carmack, throughout the week to participate! It is sure to be a great time. Prizes will be given out SEVERAL times a day, from swag packs, to signed copies, to gift cards! Please bring a friend and come check it out! I am actually on the roster for "Round 'Em Up Rusk Day (Cowboy Day)" tomorrow! Come support our team as we show you guys how they party with Texas-style fun: Cowboys, Old West, and a whole bunch of fun! Grab your 10 gallon hats, a slice of pecan pie, and meet us at the Alamo--- errr uh...--- the Facebook group. 

Here are two more graphics designed by the amazing Amber at GrownUpFangirl to inform you guys of everything I may have forgotten!

Alright guys, as my amazing readers you have followed us this far into the All Lined Up journey, don't miss out on the fun stuff now! I will see you all tomorrow for the first day of Rusk U Spirit Week! Also a huge Happy Mother's Day shout out to all my readers and fans who happen to be a mother today! Happy Reading!


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