Friday, April 18, 2014

Football Friday Week Three: Meet Stella Santos!

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! Congratulations, you have made it through yet another long week and the weekend is upon us. Before you jet off for the weekend, I have another VERY special edition of OneGuysGuideToGoodReads to share with ya'll. I know you guys are just as excited as I am so here we go: it's Football Friday!! As you guys have undoubtedly heard, I am an avid fan of Cora Carmack and a member of her Street Team, promoting her newest Rusk University series, starting with All Lined Up, coming at ya on May 13! Just in case you have been living under a rock, I have all the information about All Lined Up available on the sidebar of my blog! Look over here>>>>>

In case you guys aren't good with math, that's only 4 weeks away! ONLY FOUR WEEKS! Cora and our amazing crew have decided to reward you, the readers, with a special treat each Friday. I welcome you to our third Football Friday! Each Friday until release day I, along with my fellow Street Teamers and Cora herself, will be giving you guys an insight to six of the books main characters! Week one, I rewarded everyone with an insight to our male protagonist, Carson McClain! If you missed that week's Football Friday, check it out here: Week two we were introduced to Miss Dallas Cole, female protagonist of our story, you can see last week's post here:

Without farther delay, I present to you week three of Rusk University Football Friday!

Week one introduced us to Carson, the star quarterback for the Rusk University Wildcats, week two gave us insight to Dallas, the Coach's daughter. This week, get ready to meet Stells Santos, best friend to Dallas Cole!

Let me just go ahead and paint you a picture of Stella (a la Cora), this is who we are working with:

Outgoing; 5 foot tall pixie; a foot shorter than Dallas; Exotic eyes; Short dark hair; Perfectly sculpted eyebrows; Olive skin; Pixie haircut; Unreadable; Asian ethnicity; Art major 

Heck of a description right? Stella has made quite the splash amongst the Street Team, primarily because she is one of the funnest characters in the book. The only way I can describe Stella is as the devil on your shoulder. Not in a bad way, but if Dallas is always in control and responsible (mature), Stella is the exact opposite! Stella is the definition of impulsive, which paints quite a funny picture at times. Stella and Dallas share a system, a simple "stamp of approval" system that the two use to rate the actions of each other. Here's a blurb from chapter one of All Lined Up (if you missed the first three chapter excerpt, check out my archive):

Alternately, there is the Stella Santos Suck-It-Up-You-Prude Stamp of Approval. That stamp has gotten me [Dallas] into more trouble than I care to list, including Stella's brilliant idea to wrap a house in toilet paper and stick maxi pads to the glass front door. What her plan didn't include was the knowledge that said house belonged to a policeman, who was not keen on being an advertisement for Kotex. 

As you can see, Stella is a mess! But for all Stella does that seems a little crazy, she actually ends up delivering a few of my favorite lines in the book. I can't tell you what they are for spoiler reasons, but be on the look out for an entire post devoted to All Lined Up quotes after the book has been released. Trust me, you guys will all fall in love with Stella! She is a spitfire with a story all her own. She takes the term "sidekick" and takes it to the next level. Trust me, Stella is a force to be reckoned with!

Now that we know a little about Stella, take a second to check out these AMAZING graphics made by my fellow Street Team members! They really hit these out of the park!

Alright guys, that's all I'VE got for you on the topic of Stella Santos, but wait, THERE'S MORE!! Several of the other amazing Street Team members that I have the great fortune of working with are giving you THEIR take on Stella Santos ! Wanna learn more? Check out any of their blogs below!

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Before you leave, how about another awesome giveaway from Cora? Up for grabs this week are a SIGNED ARC of All Lined Up AND some ALU Swag! Can't say I wouldn't mind that prize myself!

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Hope you have all enjoyed this weeks edition of #FootballFriday! This has been a crazy week at OneGuysGuideToGoodReads, but I have some great stuff lined up for the coming weeks so be on the lookout! Until next time, Happy Reading!

Bleed Rusk Red!

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