Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy National Authors Day!

Hey everyone, I was just made aware of this amazing holiday a couple of hours ago and wanted to do a short post expressing my thought's on it. What holiday am I referring to? NATIONAL AUTHORS DAY!
I have always loved to read. This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. What should come as a surprise is that I have only been a member of the "book world" for seven months (and one day), and have already had my life completely changed. Changed for the better, that is.

Over the course of just these months, I have grown as a person, a friend, and a writer through my work on this blog. I have so many authors to thank that I just wanted to yell a big thanks to some of them on here. Thank you guys for not only being an amazing author, but also for being an amazing resource, a great inspiration, and in many cases, a friend. You have all helped to shape me into the blogger I have become! I cannot wait to continue my literary journey with you guys!

**Note this list is by no means a comprehensive list of all authors I have worked with, nor is it a list of all the authors I love, but just the ones I want to give particular kudos to!**

  • Cora Carmack- Thank you for allowing me to join your Street Team and serve under you as a Carmcat. It was under the wing of my fellow Carmcats I was given the push I needed to start this blog.Thank you!
  • Chelsea Fine- CHELSEA FINE PEOPLE! Ahh! Chels, thank YOU so much for being so much of an inspiration to me. The quotes, the jokes, and all the I LOVE YOUR GUTS have really meant a lot. Also, reviewing Archers as my first ever review will forever be a highlight for me. Oh and our Hardrock/UtopYA adventure, that too! 
  • KP (maybe not an "author" yet, but deserves kudos anyway)- Thank you for all the positive guidance and inspiration over the past few months! You've been a great source of info!
  • Nazarea Andrews- You lady, are awesome. End of story. Thank you for being the first person to open my eyes about the zombie genre. Ren and Finn have yet to disappoint me. Also, thanks for letting me vent about the book world sometimes!
  • Rachel Aukes- Thanks for ripping my emotions apart. Haha! Seriously. You have been such a great author to work with and you know how special Deadland is to me! I can't wait to see more from you. Also, Shoutout to being neighbors, my Iowan friend!
  • Jennifer L. Armentrout- Thank you for writing some of my all time favorite books. Also, thank you for our hilarious Twitter convos about the wonderful workings of the book world. Meeting you at AViD was one of my greatest experiences as a blogger! Also, thanks for my ARC of Seth, you're getting a big hug for that in March. 
  • Colleen Hoover- Thank you for being one of the most inspiring and gracious authors I have met. Your personal story means so much to me and remains such a source of inspiration to this blogger. Thank you! Also, meeting you in Nashville was awesome!
  • Charlaine Harris- Thank you for Sookie and the awesome email you sent me that one time. You are so awesome to your fans!
  • Danielle Paige- I have so much to thank you for, but a couple of the top ones? Thank you for reminding me why I feel in love with Oz all those years ago and for keeping LFB's world alive for a new generation of readers. Secondly? Thank you for allowing me to rant/rave about all things Oz since we met. You know how special you and DMD are to me!
  • Kallie Ross- Thank you for getting my attention at UtopYA that day, otherwise I would have never recognized you! LOL. Thank you for showing me how great being a debut author can be. You were the first "new author" I worked with and the whole situation will always stay special to me! Also, I'm ready for book two now! 
  • KB Nelson- Thank you for telling an honest love story. A story I was proud to promote. Also, thank you for letting me be a Carnie and for appreciating my "brutal honesty"! Our friendship brings me lots of laughs! 
  • KA Tucker- Thank you for writing Causal Enchantment, I haven't shut up about it in six months, because SERIOUSLY, it's amazing. I hope to one day see more paranormal from you ma'am!
  • Christine Manzari- Thanks for blowing my mind with The Sophisticates, seriously. Woah. Also, I need book three yesterday-ish... Thanks. :)
  • Heather Lyons- Thank you for reminding me of my love for all things Wonderland. Also, thanks for everything you've done for the paranormal genre. I can't wait to see what comes next! 
  • Megan Curd- Woah, I have HUGE thanks for you. Thank you SO much for introducing me to the world of Steampunk. Now it's one of my favorite genres. I can't wait to meet you at UtopYA next year!
  • Gregory Maguire- Thank you for being alive sir. You may not know it, but I am your biggest fan. No seriously, ask around.From Elphaba to Baba Yaga, you've completely given me a reason to read. For that I will be forever grateful.
  • Kathy Reichs- Thank you for teaching me what I wanted to be when I grew up. Unfortunately it just doesn't pay my bills! Tempe and her adventures opened up my eyes to the world of Anthropology, and for that I cannot say enough thanks. 
  • Stacey O'Neale- Mrs. Stacey, thank you for being one of the nicest women I have ever had the great pleasure to work with. You have treated me like royalty since the first day we "met". I cannot wait to give you a real hug instead of all the virtual ones I have sent. You're incredible in every sense of the word!
  • Liz Long- I saved the best for last, right? Do I even have to say what all I am thankful for. Thank you for having a circus hat on your table at UtopYA, otherwise I would have never stopped. Thank you for not looking at me like a crazy when I told you of my love of all things circus. Thank you for the emails, the Facebook convos, the books, and the friendship you have given to me over the past few months. You KNOW I'm fan #1 right? Christina can go fall off a cliff... LOL. Also, thanks for Donovan Circus and for showing me that not all paranormal is the same. Thank you for showing me that it's okay to be "gifted" in this world!
Like I said before, this is by no means a comprehensive of authors I want to thank, as EVERY author I have read from has changed my life in some way. Those who I have worked with make my job even more special than it already is. I can never thank you guys enough for all that you do for bloggers and fans such as myself. I am sure I have forgotten someone, but authors, please know. No matter how many books you sell, no matter how many awards you may or may not win, in our eyes, you're all superstars. Thank you all so much for all that you do.

Also, to all the bloggers out there. Thank YOU for welcoming me into this world with open arms. I am honored to be in your ranks. When is National BLOGGERS Day!?

With much love and many thanks,


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  1. Aw...Ethan, you rock my world. Thank you so much! I'm honored to be on this list and so proud to be a part of your blogging story. Love your guts!