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Eternal Sacrifice (Mortal Enchantment #3) by Stacey O'Neale Blog Tour (Review + Giveaway)

Hey Readers! Ethan here with an exciting post for you today. I am so honored to be presenting this blog tour post to you all today. Why is this post so important? It's my review of the series finale to one of my all-time favorite series. It's such a bittersweet moment here at One Guy's Guide to Good Reads, but let's get started. Before we get to my thoughts, here's a bit about the novel and our author:


The explosive conclusion to Stacey O’Neale’s award-winning Mortal Enchantment series reveals the secrets of the fantasy world!

Valac has stolen two of the sacred objects. In a bid to rule all four courts, he has threatened to use Excalibur to cut the mist that protects Avalon—ultimately ending the lives of thousands of elementals. As the Akasha, Kalin has the power to stop him. And she refuses to lose anyone else she loves.

Will she have to sacrifice herself to save them?

Desperate to save Kalin’s life, Rowan searches for the long-lost creator of the mist. But what he finds is the very last thing he expected. Everything he thought he knew about his past is turned upside down, and he questions whether he’s meant to be the savior or the elemental that destroys them all.

Told from Kalin, Rowan, and Marcus’s perspective, the final installment to the series follows their journey of courage, duty, sacrifice, and love.

Stacey O'Neale

Stacey O'Neale 

Stacey O'Neale lives in Annapolis, Maryland. When she's not writing, she spends her time fangirling over books, blogging, watching fantasy television shows, cheering for the Baltimore Ravens, and hanging out with her husband and daughter. Her career in publishing started as a blogger-turned-publicist for two successful small publishers. Stacey writes young adult paranormal romance and adult science fiction romance. Her books always include swoon-worthy heroes, snarky heroines, and lots of kissing. Stacey loves hearing from readers. Follow her on Twitter @StaceyONeale, look for her on Facebook, Pinterest, and GoodReads. You can also visit her blog at http://staceyoneale.com/.

My Thoughts:

Series finales are always one of my favorite and least favorite reviews to post, at the same time. How can that be? While I'm so overjoyed to rave about an incredible finale (they are too few and far between), I hate juggling the bittersweet emotion of finality meaning I'm saying goodbye to another cast of characters that I've grown to love. I won't lie folks, as many series as I've read, this one will forever be a special one to me. The love and hard work that author Stacey O'Neale has poured into this series over the last two years is unquestionable. While I dreaded the final chapters, how did Eternal Sacrifice finish up? After three wildly successful stories, did O'Neale end the series on a great note?

Absolutely. Prepare for the feels, readers. Tissues are a must.

When it comes to the plot of this one, I have quite a bit to say, however I have to restrain myself here for two huge reasons that happen to be my only critiques of the novel. First, this one is super short. Way shorted than most finales I have read, however there is a plus side to this I'll get to in a bit. Second, the pacing of this novel is extremely quick. There is little-to-no downtime so if you aren't careful, you will miss something. So, sharing plot details is a little tricky. What I can tell you is that Eternal Sacrifice is probably one of the most unique novels I have ever read in one specific aspect: it's only the 'good parts'. Does that make sense?

Imagine reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows without the 350 page camping trip and only a book full of 'The Battle of Hogwarts'. That my friends, is Eternal Sacrifice. It's short, but that's because O'Neale ensures her readers are fully satisfied. There isn't anything standing in the way of Kalin, Rowan, and the Avalonian forces of good to finally put an end to Valac and his reign of terror. With knowledge and hope on their sides, our heroes must stop Valac at any and all costs. Every breathe is precious and the battles fought in this finale will determine the fates of both their world, and ours, forever.

The costs will bring you to tears. Over. And over.

With any great series finale, some characters must make the ultimate sacrifice for peace and safety for the ones they love. This novel is no exception. Again, I'm going to refrain from spoilers, but don't worry, O'Neale definitely teaches the reader to read on the very edge of their seat and always to expect the unexpected. With plot twist after plot twist, I was shaking with anticipation by the novel's final chapters.

In a unique twist, O'Neale introduces one major character in the finale to the story, however anyone who has followed the series closely may not be that surprised by their appearance. What I can definitely say about the characters in this one is that Stacey really changes the game, right from the very beginning. We see several characters in an entirely new light, casting doubt over any preconceived notions the reader may have. I loved the idea of waiting until the end to reveal the true dedication behind the actions of some characters in this series. On that same note, seeing into the psyche of some characters on a much more personal level really opens the reader's eyes to the 'full' story behind O'Neale's literary universe.

Speaking a bit more on the characters, this one take three different POVs into consideration and crafts them in the most delicate of ways. Kalin, Rowan, and Marcus all play pivotal roles in the finale, but for entirely different reasons. They each have their own trials to face before the final battle to save Avalon. Thankfully, O'Neale really satisfied me with her ability to craft such individual storylines within such a fast-paced story. Interweaving the three storylines within such a powerful conclusion is a true testament to the literary landmark that is Stacey O'Neale.

Love, forgiveness, sacrifice, brotherhood, family, responsibility: I could go on and on with the plethora of themes O'Neale has implemented within Eternal Sacrifice. Each is fully explored and written to perfection. I'm not even lying when I say this story brought me to literal tears on at least three occasions.

As a series finale, I was greatly impressed. While my thoughts and predictions did not come true, I was still genuinely pleased with the end result. It was an ending that 'made sense' for the series, even if it wasn't particularly the one I was most looking for. That being said, the series ends rather abruptly and doesn't exactly tie up every possible loose end (as it shouldn't), leaving the door open for potential novellas or spin-offs in the future. I know this reader would love more insight to this world and the future of these characters. It is my belief that all readers of this series will be greatly impressed by the honorable finale O'Neale has crafted, sending off her series with respect and memorable flair!

As if it isn't already obvious by the amount of raving I have done for this series over the past two years, I am absolutely enamored of Stacey O'Neale's Mortal Enchantment series. I absolutely cannot get enough of this incredible story, the unforgettable cast, and the truly deep emotions found within the pages of these four stories. While I may have had a few issues with the finale, I still was beyond thrilled with the end result as a whole. That being said, it is my honor to be granting Eternal Sacrifice a near-perfect 5-star review. I highly recommend this series to any fans of YA, paranornal. elemental fiction, romance, or adventure novels. You will not regret this read! 


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Alright readers, that's all I have for you today on the topic of Eternal Sacrifice by the incredible Stacey O'Neale. As I said in the beginning, this is an incredible bittersweet moment for me as I've followed this series since the very beginning and consider myself one of its' biggest fans. I don't have words enough to describe how much this entire series has meant to me. Way to end it with a bang Stacey O'Neale! Be sure to add this series to your TBR today. Special thank to the author for allowing me to participate in this blog tour and for providing me with an ARC in exchange for my honest review. Until next time, Happy Reading!


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