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Heroes of Arcania: SuperNova (HoA #1) by Liz Long Review

Hey readers! Ethan here on this very special Thursday with a review for you all. Today is the release day for the first novel in an incredible new series that's set to take Summer 2016 by storm. The latest release from one of my all time favorite authors. I'm so pumped to share my thoughts. On the chopping block today? Heroes of Arcania: SuperNova by Liz Long! Before we get to my thoughts, here's a bit about the novel and out author:

The streets of Arcania are overrun with crime, deteriorating as a madman named Fortune makes himself at home. He shows no mercy, striking down anyone in his path – including Nova Benson’s little sister. Devastated, Nova vows to seek justice for her family, but aside from her freak strength and impenetrable skin, how is she supposed to stop a monster like Fortune?

Cole Warner wants to help people. Entrusted to keep his family’s secret, he’s also frustrated at having to hide his gift. He knows he could do more to help in the fight against Fortune. If he could convince his sister Penelope to join him, they might even have a chance at beating him. When Cole meets Nova, he realizes his whole world is about to change. And he’s going to welcome it with open arms.

Falling for each other wasn’t part of the plan.

Then again, neither was becoming a superhero.


About the Author:
Liz Long, indie authorLiz Long is a ridiculously proud graduate of Longwood University with a BA in English. Her inspiration comes from action and thriller genres and she spends entirely too much time watching superhero movies. Her fabulous day job as a social media editor includes writing for a publishing company in Roanoke, VA.

Her first book, Gifted, is the first book in the Donovan Circus series, where superpowers meets the circus. Burned is the second adventure. Her standalone book Witch Hearts, is a story about a serial killer hunting witches for their powers. Her newest book A Reaper Made is an NA Paranormal tale of a Reaper using magic to save her family from demons. All titles are available at Amazon on Kindle and paperback, Barnes & Noble for Nook, and iBooks.

Find Liz Online

My Thoughts:

With all the negatives we see in our world on a day to day basis, we're in desperate need of heroes. Be them on the big screen, in our books, or in real life, fighting crime to keep us safe, heroes are always needed in our world. I'm a huge superhero fan. I read comics, I've seen all the films, but I've never actually read about any in novel format. I've always been on the side of 'this medium works better visually than mentally'. As much as I love the works of Liz Long, I'll be honest and admit my hesitation in picking up HoA: SuperNova.

Thankfully with Long at the helm, I knew I would get a quality story. And did I ever!

In true superhero fashion, it takes an event to turn a 'super' into a 'hero'. Heroes aren't born, they're created. Sure Nova Benson has always had the Gift of super strength and impenetrable skin, but until her life is stopped in its' tracks, its never been more than a second thought to her. When Fortune arrives in her hometown of Arcania looking for nothing but trouble, Nova's life is forever changed after the death of her kid sister. With a broken heart and full of rage, Nova sets out for revenge. Vowing to stop Fortune before others suffer as she did. Along the way she discovers she may not be the only one hiding gifts. An entire new world opens for Nova, but will her new friends and their combined gifts be enough to stop Fortune and liberate Arcania from his clutches?

Sounds awesome, right? Where are the film rights?

While Liz has already created her entire Gifted universe with the Donovan Circus. She build on that world in some incredible ways with this new series. Fans of Long will recognize the Gifted terminology, while new readers will be excited to learn all about the world that Long has created. Sure our heroes have incredible gifts, but what's the best part about them? They're teenagers! High school-aged, curfew breaking, real-life teenagers! It's so refreshing as a reader to see YA characters actually acting YA age appropriate. Nova, Cole, and Penelope (our heroes) all face real-life challengers in their day-to-day lives and still fight crime by night. It's a testament to the writing talent of Liz Long that she can craft such a creative story, but still make it as realistic as she does. YA readers will strongly relate to these characters and will feel their pain as they journey through their story. 

The series has a rather large cast of characters so make sure you're paying attention. In the end, everyone has an important role to play, will you catch on? I also applaud Long for the vast diversity of her characters. We see various age groups, genders, races, ethnicities in this series and that's something to be proud of! Kudos to you Liz Long!

As any good YA series should, SuperNova is full of some extremely hard hitting themes that will leave the reader with a lot to reflect upon. Themes of love, family, loss, responsibility, good vs evil, and judgement are all present in this series. It's really an incredible story that will leave you with that satisfied feeling down in your bookish heart. And it only gets better with each installment!  

SuperNova ends on quite the cliffhanger that will leave readers begging for book two. Thankfully, we won't have to wait long as Long is rapid releasing the entire series this summer to make sure all her readers are satisfied! I know this series will be one that's discussed for many years to come. It's got everything you'd look for in a superhero series: heroes that slay, villains that are truly evil, and even a touch of that YA romance that readers love! Seriously folks, this series is off to an incredible start and it's only going to get better from here.

The perfect series for readers of all genres, HoA: SuperNova is sure to please. While the general tone is definitely YA, it is safe enough for younger readers while being satisfying to older readers of any age. Only mild language, no gore, and no sexual content, but there's all kind of action-packed awesome within these pages, plus some instances of teenagers being teenagers! 

As you can see, I was clearly a huge fan of Heroes of Arcania: SuperNova and I am so glad I have the opportunity to share these thoughts with you all. I am so excited to be granting HoA: SuperNova a well-deserved, near-perfect 5-star review. I highly recommend this series to all fans of sci-fi, paranormal, or superheros. Add this series to your TBR today!


Alright readers, that's all I have for you today on the topic of Heroes of Arcania: SuperNova. This was just the first in an incredible that's being rapid released this summer so definitely be on the lookout for more info about the rest of the series. I've already read books two and three and can promise you that you're going to love them even more! Be sure to add this one to your TBR today. Thanks so much for stopping by. Until next time, Happy Reading! 


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