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Countdown to UtopYA Author Spotlight Series Day Eight: Meet Stacey O'Neale

Hello friends and welcome to an exciting week here at One Guy's Guide to Good Reads. For the next week, my beautiful bookish soul-mate, Christina Marie from LuLo Fangirl and I will be hosting an incredible new feature series to get everyone PUMPED for UtopYAcon in Nashville, TN next week!

After WEEKS of deliberation, Christina and I have hand-picked FIFTEEN of our favorite authors attending UtopYA and will be spotlighting one each day for the next 7 days. These posts will include an interview with 15 special guests, ranging from seasoned literary vets to first-time debut authors. Each post will also feature a quick spotlight of the authors latest or upcoming works. You are not going to want to miss out on this awesome series!

Each day Christina and I will feature a different author on one of our blogs and will be cross promoting between the two. We really want to get the word out to all of our readers. As a special incentive, we are offering an exclusive UtopYA giveaway for a signed book from ANY participating UtopYA author! How exciting! We can't wait to share this awesome series with you all and look forward to an awesome time in Nashville!

Happy Reading!


Day One: Meet Stacey O'Neale

Stacey O'Neale

Stacey O'Neale 

Stacey O'Neale lives in Annapolis, Maryland. When she's not writing, she spends her time fangirling over books, blogging, watching fantasy television shows, cheering for the Baltimore Ravens, and hanging out with her husband and daughter. Her career in publishing started as a blogger-turned-publicist for two successful small publishers. Stacey writes young adult paranormal romance and adult science fiction romance. Her books always include swoon-worthy heroes, snarky heroines, and lots of kissing. Stacey loves hearing from readers. Follow her on Twitter @StaceyONeale, look for her on Facebook, Pinterest, and GoodReads. You can also visit her blog at

Intro to Stacey O'Neale:

So every day this week I've talked a bit about how I met each of the participating authors and our our bookish friendship evolved from it. To be honest, I don't remember exactly how I came to be friends with Mrs. Stacey. I believe I saw The Shadow Prince for free one day and jumped on it.... Actually. Wait. I do remember. It was because of Jennifer L. Armentrout! JLA pimped this book one day and I jumped on it like white on rice, fell in love and haven't looked back. I remember that Stacey emailed me after my first review thanking me for taking the time to do it and from there we've really hit it off. It's been nearly a year since I plunged down the Stacey O'Neale rabbit hole and I am so glad I did! I love everything about the Mortal Enchantment series. As any of my regular readers will know, it is consistently ranked amongst my all time favorite YA fantasy series. Seriously, it's that good. On top of that, Stacey is about the coolest, most down to Earth author I've worked with. We chat about bookish awesome and sling book recs back and forth. I've read some awesome reads because of her suggestions (thanks again for Holly Black, I still owe you one for that). Lately we've bonded over our mutual love of all things Penny Dreadful. We're a bit obsessed. No shame. Haha! I cannot wait to meet Mrs. Stacey this week. Getting to know her has been a genuine pleasure and I consider her a great bookish friend of mine! 

Let's learn a bit more about Stacey and her work:

Upcoming Release by Stacey O'Neale

Eternal Sacrifice is the last full-length book in the Mortal Enchantment series. 

It will be told from Rowan and Kalin's point of view.

Blurb will be added closer to the release date.


Also by Stacey O'Neale

The Shadow Prince is FREE click below for your copy!


Seriously one of my all time favorite series!

Exclusive UtopYA Interview with Stacey O'Neale

1. Tell us about your experience with UtopYA. What's your history with UtopYA and why do you attend?

This is actually the first time I'm attending. I wanted to go because it's a conference that's all about YA and NA. My series is YA, and I'm an avid YA reader, so it just made sense. :-)

2.What is your favorite Nashville attraction and why? If this is your first time attending UtopYA/visiting Nashville, what are you most excited to see?

I'm not sure. I really don't have anything else planned beyond the conference. I'm only going to be there for the weekend.

3.What makes UtopYA different from any other book convention/signing?

The focus on YA and NA. Also, that self-pub'd and small pub'd books are welcomed. The bigger conferences typically focus on traditional publishing. UtopYA seems to put everyone on the same level which is cool.

4. When not attending the conference, where will you be spending your week in Nashville?

No idea. LOL! I'll only be there for the weekend.

5. What are you reading right now?

I just finished reading FRIGID by Jennifer L. Armentrout. This year, I started reading NA books. This is my fourth book in the genre. So far, I'm really enjoying what I'm reading.

6. What are some of your favorite summertime reads? What recs do you have for your readers to check out this summer?

I don't really classify any of these as summer reads, but here are some of the latest books I've read and rated five stars:

THE COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES by Sarah Maas, THE CLOSER YOU COME by Gena Showalter, THE DARKEST PART OF THE FOREST by Holly Black, PUSHING THE LIMITS by Katie McGarry, and FRIGID by Jennifer L. Armentrout.

If you're looking for a book with a summertime feel, I would recommend CLARITY by Kim Harrington. It's set in a beach town.

7. What can we expect next from you?

I have an adult paranormal romance series coming out through Entangled's Covet line. It features three brothers who happen to be sexy aliens. The first book, UNDER HIS SKIN, is scheduled to come out in September 2015. ETERNAL SACRIFICE, the last book in my YA paranormal series, is scheduled to come out in October 2015. I'm currently writing an adult contemporary military romance series for my agent.

Quick, don't think!

-Favorite summertime beverage? Homemade Sweet Tea or Lemonade

-Favorite Ice Cream flavor? Cherry Vanilla

-Favorite part about summer? Steamed Crabs (it's a Maryland thing) ;-)

-Lounging on the beach or summer road trip? I live by the water and I'm someone who likes being relaxed at home. Not much for road trips. I guess I'm boring.

-Favorite 'song of the summer’? Right now, I'm loving: WORTH IT by Fifth Harmony

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Alright readers, that's all I have for you today during our UtopYAcon Author Spotlight Series! I hope you've learned a lot about our featured author, Mrs. Stacey O'Neale! I've been a huge fan of Stacey's for a long time now and I'm absolutely stoked to me her in person. Christina and I both will be having a fan-freak-out in her presence!

Don't forget that Christina is also hosting an amazing spotlight over on her blog today, her final guest is Mindy Ruiz! Click the LuLo FanGirl banner below to check out Christina's post!

Be sure to enter the giveaway before you leave!

It's been 8 day of Bookish Awesome and I am so honored to have hosted this incredible group of authors in celebration of UtopYA! Christina and I leave later this afternoon and will be partying it up for the next FOUR days! Be on the look out for some updates. Be sure to follow us on Facebook or Twitter to stay up to date on our adventure!

Check out some of the posts you may have missed:

Until next time, Happy Reading!


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