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Countdown to UtopYA Author Spotlight Series Day One: Meet Kallie Ross

Hello friends and welcome to an exciting week here at One Guy's Guide to Good Reads. Starting today, my beautiful bookish soul-mate, Christina Marie from LuLo Fangirl and I will be hosting an incredible new feature series to get everyone PUMPED for UtopYAcon in Nashville, TN next week!

After WEEKS of deliberation, Christina and I have hand-picked FIFTEEN of our favorite authors attending UtopYA and will be spotlighting one each day for the next 7 days. These posts will include an interview with 15 special guests, ranging from seasoned literary vets to first-time debut authors. Each post will also feature a quick spotlight of the authors latest or upcoming works. You are not going to want to miss out on this awesome series!

Each day Christina and I will feature a different author on one of our blogs and will be cross promoting between the two. We really want to get the word out to all of our readers. As a special incentive, we are offering an exclusive UtopYA giveaway for a signed book from ANY participating UtopYA author! How exciting! We can't wait to share this awesome series with you all and look forward to an awesome time in Nashville!

Happy Reading!


Day One: Meet Kallie Ross

Author PhotoKallie Ross: 

Kallie Ross has a love for learning that has gravitated toward studying conspiracy theories and contradictions in our culture. Her creative conclusions have ignited a passion to write compelling young adult fiction that incorporates legend, conjecture, fantasy, and conviction. Kallie's first novel Descent: A Lost Tribe Book 1, was released last year.

Kallie Ross loves being a wife, mother, friend, writer, and teacher. She began teaching high school English in 2002 and started blogging and podcasting in 2008. She has a brilliant husband, two redheads, and never imagined her life would ever be this fun!

Intro to Kallie Ross:

I had the incredible pleasure of cyber meeting Kallie Ross a few weeks before UtopYA last year. I was a new blogger still getting my feet wet, and I was introduced to a new 'debut author' who was looking for reviewers. This debut blogger and that debut author collaborated and one amazing friendship was born. One year, two five-star reads, and a UtopYA later, Kallie Ross is one of my favorite people on planet Earth. She is one of the kindest, most supportive authors I have ever had the great pleasure to meet and has never had anything but amazing things to say! She's a class-act all the way around. There's aren't many people around as awesome as Mrs. Kallie, I'm so honored to call her a friend. Her debut novel, Descent, was one of my Top Reads of 2014, it was not to be missed. I actually got to meet Kallie at UtopYA 2014 during the public signing. I came into Nashville for the day to meet some friends and HAD to meet Kallie Ross while I was there. There were hugs and laughs shared all around. I absolutely cannot wait to see my awesome friend again in just ONE WEEK! I know that all of you will fall in love with her and her works. Don't hesitate to learn more about Kallie Ross, pick up a copy of her works and let's chat! She's always up for some bookish fun! If you see her around Nashville during UtopYA, be sure to say 'hey', tell her Ethan sent ya! 

Let's learn a bit more about Mrs. Kallie and her works:

Works by Kallie Ross

Seventeen year old Ollie Miller is ready to leave all of her hurt feelings behind, but moving on seems impossible while living next door to her ex-best friend, Mateo. When curious earthquakes begin to shake and rip open the foundation of her small town, the ground becomes as unsteady as her feelings for him. When they fall, they fall hard…

Ollie’s disastrous attempt to save Mateo’s brother from falling into a curious chasm results in their descent into a cavernous wonderland. Ollie, Mateo, Jesse, and Alexis search for a way back home, and encounter a mysterious tribe of natives. Gabriel, the next in line to lead his people, is granted permission to guide them to the surface. On their treacherous journey, an overzealous elder threatens all of their lives, because he can’t risk them exposing his people, or the power he wields. The group discovers ancient secrets, unexpected truths, and uncharted feelings. Ollie must find a way out or risk being stuck in the caves forever—or worse, dead.


After emerging from her Descent into an uncharted underground world, Ollie Miller is sure of three things. First, her feelings for her best friend, Mateo, are far from platonic. She can't even look at Mateo without blushing at the memory of his lips on hers. Second, an evil man named Zadok is plotting to destroy the civilization above the surface. Third, there is no way to save the earth without returning underground. At least this time, she will have her mother along with Mateo and her friends to help guide her.
On their journey, noor, a mystical blessing guides them, but only if they’re willing to follow. Ollie’s determined to save the tribe from their evil leader, even if it means facing off with her long-lost grandfather. As Zadok comes face to face with his runaway daughter and his granddaughter, his plan starts to unravel, but is it too late to stop the destruction that he put into motion? Can the tribe survive and the surface be saved? Will Ollie learn to trust her own heart before it is too late?

Defend is the conclusion to Ollie's discovery of a lost tribe in Descent. Don’t miss this adventure, brimming with ancient secrets and a thrilling underworld.


Both of these incredible novels received five-star reviews from me!

Exclusive UtopYA Interview with Kallie Ross

1. Tell us about your experience with UtopYA. What's your history with UtopYA and why do you attend?

I’ve been going to UtopYA since year one! I started as a blogger and podcaster with the crazy idea to write a novel, and I met some wonderful people that have encouraged and held me accountable. Each year I go back to see my writerly friends in person and moderate a few panels. I’m excited this year to go back to sign my YA novels for the first time!

2.What is your favorite Nashville attraction and why? If this is your first time attending UtopYA/visiting Nashville, what are you most excited to see?

I live in Nashville, and have plenty of recommendation! I love going to The Pharmacy for a delicious burger and Jeni’s Ice Cream for dessert. Checking out the Parthenon is always cool, as well as Nashville’s downtown library (it’s an inspiring place to write). If you love coffee, we have a number of eclectic shops; Crema, Frothy Monkey, Barrista Parlor, and Garage for starters. And, if you have an afternoon to go for a hike, there are nature trails all around Nashville.

3.What makes UtopYA different from any other book convention/signing?

UtopYA is all about banding together and lifting each other up. The community built each year makes us stronger. I’m constantly learning from my friends and making new friends.

4. When not attending the conference, where will you be spending your week in Nashville?

I’ll be with my writerly friends catching up! Whether it’s over lunch at Red Bicycle or dinner at Puckett’s, late nights in the lobby or stealing a few minutes between panels, I plan to get the low down on what everyone is up to!

5. What are you reading right now?

I have a few new YA novels on my shelf after BEA, and have recently read Soundless by Richelle Mead. I’ve also listened to the audiobook of Maggie Stiefvater’s Raven Cycle series.

6. What are some of your favorite summertime reads? What recs do you have for your readers to check out this summer?

If you love fantasy, you need to read anything by Rae Carson, Robin LaFevers, and Sarah J. Maas. If romance is more your style, check out Stephanie Perkins or Katie McGarry, and if you like paranormal and Sci-Fi, Chelsea Fine or Jennifer L Armentrout have some great series to get into.

7. What can we expect next from you?

Now that I’ve concluded Ollie’s story in Defend: A Lost Tribe (Book 2), I’m working on two novels that are very different. Building extravagant, new worlds and discovering the characters that live in them has been exhilarating, and now I’m working on putting words to those characters' stories.

Quick, don't think!

-Favorite summertime beverage? Sparkling Salty Lemonade

-Favorite Ice Cream flavor? It’s a vanilla ice cream with berry crumble mixed in, at Jeni’s.

-Favorite part about summer? Sunny days at the pool with my family!

-Lounging on the beach or summer road trip? Can it be a road trip to the beach? I guess the beach sounds a bit more appealing, minus the sandy nooks and crannies.

-Favorite 'song of the summer’? Golden by Parade of Lights

Click the image to Pre-Order Kallie's books for the public signing!

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Alright readers, that's all I have for you today during our UtopYAcon Author Spotlight Series! I hope you've learned a lot about our featured author, Mrs. Kallie Ross! She's a dear friend of mine and I hope you all take this amazing opportunity to pick up DESCENT for free! Don't delay, download today! ;)

Don't forget that Christina is also hosting an amazing spotlight over on her blog today, her first guest was Mrs. Kelly Risser! Click the LuLo FanGirl banner below to check out Christina's post!

Be sure to enter the giveaway before you leave! You won't want to miss another surprise guest tomorrow! Until next time, Happy Reading!


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