Monday, March 31, 2014

Some FINE Reading, and That's No Joke!

Hello again readers! In addition to Cora, I will soon be reviewing the works of another amazing author, Mrs. Chelsea Fine! While Mrs. Fine has only a handful of books currently out and a few on the way, she has already made a huge impact on both the literary world and myself! Her most recent novel The Best Kind Of Broken is to be the first in a trilogy. I read it and thought it was amazing. I am currently working on finishing the final book of her first series The Archers of Avalon! I am hoping to post a full post tonight or tomorrow about all of Chelsea Fine's works, but for now check out her out on Goodreads and Twitter! She is another amazing author who is very much in touch with her fans! Feel free to give her a shout out, you wont be disappointed!

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  1. She was super nice at a local signing recently! I got this fantastic bracelet (it was purple with a rose metal arrow crossing a circle) - I adore it, but the purple leather doesn't like moisture, like sweat. I have at least two of these books and have been meaning to get to them, good to know they should be entertaining! And FYI- she had some FABULOUS shoes! Seriously, they were just plain awesome!