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Top 10 Most Anticipated Reads of Fall 2015

Hey readers! Ethan here on this first day of Fall 2015 with an exciting post for you all. Fall is, without question, my favorite season. Ethan here hates the summer heat. I love the back to school feeling, the harvest time, all things Halloween, and so much more. Bonfires, hayrides, and MY FREAKING BIRTHDAY all sit just on the horizon and will be filling my next few months. Who wouldn't be excited?

Fall has historically been known to present me with my favorite books of the entire year as well. Last year was a huge winner so 2015 has a lot to live up to. I thought I'd start out the season by showcasing my Top 10 Most Anticipated Reads of Fall 2015 with you guys so you can add them to your TBRs as well!

Please keep in mind that some of these novels do not have covers, official synopses, etc as of yet, but I'll include whatever I can! Without farther adieu, here are my top 10!

*In no particular order*
*My thoughts in orange*

1. Playing with Fire (Hacker #1) by Sherry D. Ficklin

With the incredible Sherry Ficklin at the helm, what's not to be excited about? I've seen her tackle history, paranormal, and even sci-fi. I know she's got the perfect skills to knock this story out of the park! As one of my favorite authors, I couldn't have more faith in Sherry if I tried!

One brilliant young hacker.
One experimental government aircraft.
One chance to keep it all from going up in flames.

Still recovering from her troubled past, Farris is no stranger to change. But when the military transfers her father across the country to an experimental aircraft squadron, settling in to a new life is the least of her problems. As a series of apparent computer glitches threaten the security of the fleet and the blame falls on her father, she decides to put her computer skills to use digging up the truth. Soon she’s drawn into the perilous world of a hacker who is determined to ground the fleet—at any cost.

When all signs lead to someone close to her as the mastermind, Farris will have to burn more than bridges to get to the truth. She will have to risk her fragile new life to uncover the identity of the cyber criminal before they can escalate from harmless tampering… to all out murder.

Release Date: October 27, 2015

2. Redemption (The Sophisticated #3) by Christina Manzari

Last year I spent a long time with a serious bookish hangover after devouring the first two novels in this series. I've been anxiously awaiting the finale of this trilogy ever since! So far this year, Manzari has unleashed two AMAZING NA Romances on us, but I am so excited to see her get back to the roots I fell in love with with Redemption!

No synopsis for this one yet, but check it out anyway!

Release Date: Early December 2015

3. Fatal Beauty by Nazarea Andrews

Any of my followers will know that I am more than a slightly obsessed with Nazarea Andrews. This woman has tackled more genres than any other author I know. I have massive amounts of respect for Andrews and have yet to read something of hers that didn't completely blow me away. I'll also add a confession here, I'm kind of on a dark romance kick (thanks KB Nelson) right now, and this couldn't speak to me any louder if it had a megaphone!

Charlotte was a good girl.

Sweet and innocent, a debutante with her Daddy’s credit card and a fiancĂ©e who doted on her.
She was destined for a perfect picture life in Charleston.
Until everything goes wrong.

EJ grew up with everything she could ever want, and bored as hell.
Nothing surprises her and nothing ever changes, and she wants out—whatever it takes.
Getting involved with Anthony Jacobs is probably the worst idea she’s ever had—and that makes it irresistible.
Until Charlie needs her.

New Orleans. Memphis. Vegas.
Beautiful girls who know just how to get exactly what they want.
It’s all fun and games, sexy nights and wild parties.

But you can only manipulate your way out of so much, and the body count is rising. When their past catches up, not even a pretty smile will get them out of trouble this time.

Release Date: October 6, 2015

4. For the Memory of Dragons (Dragons of Eternity #2) by Julie Wetzel

You guys may remember this series as the one that first turned me on to dragons. Prior to Julie Wetzel, they were my least favorite fantasy trope, she made me a believer! I was lucky enough to already devour this one, but I'm super pumped about the print release in October so I can rave about it all over again!

What do you do when a dragon crash-lands in your backyard?

That’s the question Terra’s faced with when one of these creatures plows down into her cornfield. Should she help out the hunk of a man the dragon turns into, or turn him over to the trigger-happy ‘authorities’ that have come looking for him? The deciding factor—he has no memory. Giving him up just doesn’t seem right… at least until she knows the truth of who he is.

Alex has forgotten a thing or two—his name being one of them—but he knows there is something important that he needs to remember, if he could just get his battered brain to work properly. A little rest might help, but there’s no time for that when the bullets start flying.

Now, he has to follow the few clues he has to discover who he is, and why people are trying to kill him. But that’s the easy part. The hard part will be keeping his hands off the lovely lady helping him.

Release Date: October 20, 2015

5. Ignited (Donovan Circus #4) by Liz Long

Okay. Anyone who knows me is aware that this is one of my all time favorites. Liz's writing gets better with each passing installment and this one is no exception. I've beta read this and I'm dying for the final copy so I can add this beauty to my bookshelf. This may be my favorite of the series thus far. Fans of Liz and her Donovan Circus are definitely going to love this one!

"Maybe I had to accept that the Donovan Circus no longer felt like home." 

Lucy might've beaten Alex the Chameleon, but the cost of his defeat was too much to bear. After losing a beloved member, Sheffield Donovan temporarily disbands the show. Abandoned by the ringmaster and her friends, Lucy is left to pick up the pieces of their ruined circus - and defend it against those waiting for the opportunity to strike. During one of these attempts, Lucy learns of Augustus Rivers, the leader of his so-called gifted mafia. When Lucy is offered a chance to infiltrate the Rivers' household, she jumps at the opportunity to seek vengeance on the mastermind. Augustus instead surprises everyone by proposing that the powerful female Firestarter work for him. It's everything the Donovan Circus isn't, an offer Lucy finds more enticing than she ever expected. With the Donovan Circus in shambles and the gifted world on the cusp of war, can Lucy Sullivan figure out who she's meant to be? Or will her fire destroy everything they've built?

Release Date: October 30, 2015

6. After Alice by Gregory Maguire

Gregory Maguire is my all-time favorite author. The man has changed my life in more ways than I could ever type out. His track record of retelling classic tales has forever secured him a spot on my auto-buy list. Imagine my delight and surprise when I found out he was tackling yet another of my all-time favorite worlds and stories? Maguire was born to re-write Wonderland. I have no doubt it'll be absolutely amazing!

When Alice toppled down the rabbit-hole 150 years ago, she found a Wonderland as rife with inconsistent rules and abrasive egos as the world she left behind. But what of that world? How did 1860s Oxford react to Alice's disappearance?
In this brilliant new work of fiction, Gregory Maguire turns his dazzling imagination to the question of underworlds, undergrounds, underpinnings — and understandings old and new, offering an inventive spin on Carroll's enduring tale. Ada, a friend of Alice's mentioned briefly in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, is off to visit her friend, but arrives a moment too late — and tumbles down the rabbit hole herself.

Ada brings to Wonderland her own imperfect apprehension of cause and effect as she embarks on an odyssey to find Alice and see her safely home from this surreal world below the world. If Euridyce can ever be returned to the arms of Orpheus, or Lazarus can be raised from the tomb, perhaps Alice can be returned to life. Either way, everything that happens next is After Alice.
Release Day: October 27, 2015

7. Eternal Sacrifice (Mortal Enchantment #3) by Stacey O'Neale

This series. Oh man. I can honestly say I've never been so hooked on a series so fast as I was with Mortal Enchantment. From the very first page, I knew this was a YA series to be reckoned with. It's become one of my favorites! I'm Stacey's self-proclaimed biggest fan and I have been constantly bugging her for into on the final installment! Elemental fiction at its' finest right here! Definitely going to be a bittersweet story. The end of an era for Stacey and this series! Excuse me while I sob in the corner come release day.

No synopsis for this one yet, but check it out anyway!

Release Date: Early December 2015

8. Rite of Revelation (Acceptance #2) by Sarah Negovetich 

Rite of Rejection (book one) was the final book I read of 2014 and ended my year on a really high note. In a bookish world where dystopian novels are everywhere, it takes a special author with true talent to stand out above the crowd. Thankfully Sarah Negovetich has just that. I absolutely cannot wait for this one to hit the shelves! 

No cover or synopsis for this one yet, but check out book one in the meantime!

Release Date: November 5, 2015

9. The Professor Woos the Witch (Nocturne Falls #4) by Kristen Painter

Last month, I devoured the first three novels in this series in record time. A town where it's Halloween every day? Sign me up! These stories were exactly what I needed at the time: short, sweet, and full of fun! Even after nearly a month I still get giddy just thinking about them! Can't say enough awesome about this Nocturne Falls series from Kristen Painter. We may not have a cover yet, but with as great as the past few have been, I can only imagine it'll be awesome. I'm kind of hoping for a green-theme with this one!

No cover or synopsis for this one yet, but check out book one in the meantime!

Release Date: October 2015

10. The Fifteenth Minute (Ivy Years #5) Sarina Bowen

Sarina Bowen is, quite possibly, my favorite New Adult author of them all. Each and every one of the novels (and novella) in this series have topped my 'best of' lists. In fact, one of them is one of my all-time favorite NA stories! Lianne really grew on me in book four so I have no doubt this this one will become a quick favorite! Plus, Sarina is just amazing. Like 'bow down and exalt' amazing. Long Live Queen Sarina!

Freshman Lianne Challice is known to millions of fans as Princess Vindi. But sometimes a silver screen sorceress just wants to hang up her wand, tell her manager to shove it, and become a normal college student. Too bad that’s harder than it looks.

She’s never lived a normal life. She hasn’t been to school since kindergarten. And getting close to anyone is just too risky — the last boy she kissed sold the story to a British tabloid.

But she can’t resist trying to get close to Daniel "DJ" Trevi, the hot, broody guy who spins tunes for hockey games in the arena. There's something haunting his dark eyes and she needs to know more.

DJ's genius is for expressing the mood of the crowd with a ten second song snippet. With just a click and a fade, he can spread hope, pathos or elation among six thousand screaming fans.

Too bad his college career is about to experience the same quick fade-out as one of his songs. He can't get close to Lianne, and he can't tell her why. And the fact that she seems to like him at all? Incredible.

Release Day: October 13, 2015


Alright guys, there you have it: my Top 10 Most Anticipated Reads of Fall 2015! With my favorite season starting and all these amazing books on the horizon, I've got ten huge reasons to smile! Be sure to add all these reads to your TBR and come on back later in the season to see my thoughts on each of these novels. I can't wait! What are YOUR most anticipated reads of the season?

Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time, Happy Reading (and Happy Fall)!


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