Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Waiting on Wednesday {20}

Hey everyone and welcome to my weekly Waiting on Wednesday meme post! This is just a once a week deal where each Wednesday I post about one book I am looking forward to reading and then link it up to the host blog, 
Breaking the Spine, where I can be connected to over 200 other readers and bloggers who are looking for a new read! My friend Kim from kimberlyfayereads participates in this meme each week and it has always looked like a great time. Below you will find the book cover, synopsis, Goodreads link and my reasons for waiting on this read! Enjoy!

This week's WOW is... Past Heaven by Laura Ward!

Past Heaven
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: January 26, 2015
Genre: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Not every love story has a happy ending. Some just change your life.

Liz Atwater’s happily ever after was torn from her the instant her husband, Jack, was murdered. She is forced to pick up the shattered pieces of her life and raise her three young sons alone.

Reynolds Carter’s picture perfect Hollywood life ended the moment the paparazzi got hold of his girlfriend’s cheating scandal. As he watches his life unfold in the tabloids, he comes to a crossroads in his career and his purpose.

When Reynolds takes on the challenge of a new project, his world collides with that of Liz. Neither of them expected their professional relationship to evolve into friendship, or love.

But life is never simple.

Faced with complications from family, friends, and colleagues, Liz and Reynolds are left to decide whether two people from such different worlds can find happiness together.

Can they get past the pain, fear, and guilt and risk their hearts to love again?

Not every love story is just a happy ending. Some completely change your life.

Why am I waiting?

So I have a confession to make. This isn't a WoW for me. I actually just finished an ARC of this yesterday. What I am waiting on is for this to release into the wild so that I can hear the sound of jaws dropping worldwide. Seriously people. If you are looking for your next favorite novel, this one is it, my friends. I generally detest romance, most of you guys know that. As a male reader, it's never my favorite. As crazy as it sounds, Laura Ward may be the one person who changes my mind about this genre. I have now devoured both of her novels and they are both sitting pretty on my list of all time favorite romance reads. Seriously. Get ready for the feels, you are going to need the preparation. Just as I told Mrs. Laura in an email earlier this week, I'm not married, nor do I have children, nor am I a Hollywood star, however, I connected SO well with the characters and theme of this novel. This is seriously one of those novels that I am going to just flat out tell you: You WILL be hearing all about this one next week. Everyone and their mother is going to be itching for a copy. You guys all go do yourself a favor and pre-order a copy for yourself. I've never done this on a WoW post before, but I'm going to post the purchase link below! I urge you to go check it out. You will not regret it! (Also, if interested, be on the look out for my review soon!)


What are YOU waiting on this week?

Thanks for stopping by, Happy Reading! 


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  1. This looks like an interesting book to read, I guess I should add it to my to-be-read list then. Great choice by the way.
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