Monday, August 11, 2014


Hey readers, short post for you here real quick. I just wanted to take a second and advertise an amazing Giveaway that a group I am a member of is putting on right now.

Here's a little bit about No Blog Left Behind from our awesome founder, Ashley from BookByMigs:

What is No Blog Left Behind?

While I was reading a review on, what I think, is a fairly popular blog, I got to thinking to myself, “What about the little guy?” It’s cliche, I know, but it’s something that’s bothered me ever since I got into blogging. There are some really big, and popular blogs out there but it doesn’t seem like there’s ever room for a little guy or someone new. Everyone starts out because they love reading and they want to share their love with the world, but when you feel like no one is paying attention they start to feel down and out. Like, why did they ever start this wonderful thing in the first place? But, no more!

No Blog Left Behind was born from these thoughts. It’s a place to come together and help our fellow bloggers. It’s a place to reach out and connect with those who feel the same way. It’s a place to lift each other up and help them feel like they are worth reading and following.

The site is full of amazing hints and tips for new and old bloggers alike. There are also some great resources available to anyone who is just interested in how the blogging world works. This is an amazing group with a great message that I am proud to be a member of!

With that being said, Ashley has gone above and beyond to put together these amazing giveaways for us. Please check them out and enter!
  • Please pay special attention to which giveaway you are entering, as one is US only and one is International. Please take that into consideration and be careful which you enter. 
  • Also, and more importantly, PLEASE do not cheat through these entries, each winner will be checked for valid entries and will be disqualified if cheating is discovered. Lots and lots of work went into this amazing giveaway please give credit where it is due. The least you can do is like a page in exchange for these amazing prizes! :)


I hope you all take a few minutes to learn all about No Blog Left Behind and to enter the amazing giveaway they have put together for us to share! Thanks readers! Happy Reading!


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