Friday, June 6, 2014

Nashville Author Event THIS SATURDAY (Tomorrow)!

Hello readers! Very quick post for you guys! I have recently moved and have been without internet so I have been unable to keep you guys posted on reads and upcoming events and I deeply apologize for that. Usually I would have done a HUGE post about each of the authors I will be meeting at the Nashville Author Event tomorrow (6/7/2014), but due to time constraints, I'm just going to keep this nice and simple and promote the event instead so you guys can come out and meet all the amazing authors! Here's the rundown folks!

Head here for all the info pertaining to this awesome event:

I, along with several members of my support staff will be in attendance tomorrow and would love to meet any and all of my readers! Just holler and I'm sure I'll see you (I'll be the one freaking out over being in the same room as Cora, Colleen, Jay, and KA Tucker)! Lol! 

Also, as many of you will have read before, I am a member of Cora's street team promoting her newest All Lined Up so you guys need to check out my archives to read all about ALU! Also I have written about Colleen Hoover, Jay, and KA so be sure to check those out as well! This is sure to prove to be an exciting event for all. Plus it's free so register yourselves and I will see you there!

Lastly, the amazing girls over at GrownupFangirl are the blog sponsors for this event and as you guys know, these girls are like my blog-sisters and I owe them a huge debt of gratitude for all their support over the past few months with this blog so be sure to give the girls a high five (or a hug, they don't bite) when you see them there! I know I will be! They are awesome! Check out their blog with ALL the important info about the event at!

Alright, I told you guys this would be short, I apologize for the short notice, but I hope to see many, many, MANY of you there tomorrow! Nashville is an amazing city and you won't regret coming! Until next time, Happy Reading!

PS If anyone remembers, be sure to stop by Cora's table and wish her a happy belated birthday! She celebrate her's this past Wednesday! Much love for the belated birthday girl!


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