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*GUEST POST* New Book-inspired Song Weaves a Midnight Melody of Love and Distrust!

New Book-inspired Song Weaves a Midnight Melody of Love and Distrust

Hello my little mogdocs! This is Bryna Butler, curator of fangirl wonderfluff and author of the Midnight Guardian teen paranormal series, with a behind-the-keyboard scoop on Beth Crowley’s new song, The Dark. The song is based on my Midnight Guardian series and gives us a look into Keira Ryan’s conflicting feelings for someone who can’t be trusted. The song was written in celebration of the 5th anniversary of the first book in the series, Of Sun & Moon.

As I write this post, the lyric video for The Dark is just over 90k views. Beth tells me that it’s the first one of her lyric vids to surpass 1,500 views in the first few hours and the first to surpass 13,000 views in the first week. Within a month of the song’s release, she was asked to perform at this year’s Utopia Awards during UtopiaCon in Nashville this June.

Honestly, I never doubted the song's success. The haunting melody and Beth's passionate vocals captured the soul of my character as well as my own. So let's delve into The Dark, spoiler-free of course, and take an inside look at the lyrics as they relate to the books.

Lost one, tell me do you want to be found?

Lost one refers to Brun Gammen often called 'Lost Prince'

You caught me moments before I hit the ground

He let go of his secret to save her life when she had only moments left

And I hear voices screaming to run away

None, and I mean not one, of her friends or family approve of him, and they're very vocal about it

Yet I see not black and white but silver and gray

To her, he's more complex than simple black or white (evil or good). He's somewhere in between, a shining silvery gray.

I don't trust you, but I want to

She’s been raised in the knowledge that his kind can't be trusted, and his actions are often suspect.

Please don't let me fall

On multiple levels: don't let me fall in love with you, don't let me fail, don't let me die

I gaze up at the midnight sky, Can't find a single star

Referring to Atlantis, Brun's empire, where the sky is forever stuck in a starless midnight

There are times when I miss the light

On the surface it means that she misses her girl-next-door life in her very normal hometown in the Midwestern U.S., but could also be interpreted as a reference to her first love.

But I'm not afraid of the dark, I'm not afraid of the dark

Though he is dangerous, she's not afraid of him.

Your whispers follow me when I try to leave

Reference to the Gammen family's power to control the emotions of others with a simple whisper. Also gives a nod to how she's always thinking about him when they're apart.

I fight for a love that I don't fully believe

She knows his feelings may be just a show, but still defies those around her just to be with him.

In my heart you're a risk I'm willing to take
But my head is telling me there's too much at stake

The two lines above say it all. She fears that he is probably manipulating her, and she will eventually have to take him down, but she sees goodness in him that shouldn't be there. She wants to believe he is different. The heart wants what it wants.

I don't trust you, but I want to, Please don't let me fall
I gaze up at the midnight sky, Can't find a single star
There are times when I miss the light
But I'm not afraid of the dark, I'm not afraid of the dark, I'm not afraid of the dark

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