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Frequency (Book Three: The Frantic Series) by Casey L. Bond Blog Tour (Video Guest Post + Review + Giveaway)

Hey readers! Happy Monday! I'm so excited to be sharing this blog tour stop with all of you today. Anyone who's been following the blog here in 2016 has seen me absolutely rave about every word of this incredible series by the amazing Casey L. Bond. Vampires and Zombies, a gripping tale of suspense and a mysterious romance that will leave you begging for each passing installment? On the chopping block today? Frequency by Casey L. Bond. I've got all kinds of awesome here for you including my first EVER video Guest Post and review. Before we get to my thoughts, here's a bit about the novel and our author:

When the Infected attacked, something horrific happened to Porschia Grant. Porschia in Frenzy was scary; Porschia with hallucinations is terrifying. There has to be a reason, and there must be a cure for the episodes refusing to release her from their tentacles of insanity. 

Saul is in the center of the city surrounded by secrets–some are damning, some are eye opening—others might just offer hope and be worth fighting for. How can a person justify the possibility of infecting another human being? What might the humans and night-walkers lose if he doesn’t take the chance?

The decisions made, and the lies uncovered, will shock everyone in and around Blackwater, and they just might spark a revolution.

Everything emits a sound… and hunger is deafening… horrible.


Casey L. Bond

Casey L. Bond resides in Milton, West Virginia with her husband and their two beautiful daughters.
When she’s not busy being a domestic goddess and chasing her baby girls, she loves to write young adult and new adult fiction.

In 2003, Bond graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Marshall University in the field of Criminal Justice. 

Special Video Guest Post from Author Casey L. Bond

'On the Topic of Combining the Vampire/Zombie Tropes'

My Thoughts:

As anyone who follows this blog will well know, I am a huge Casey L. Bond fan. Admittedly, I haven't read her entire backlog and just recently jumped on board the Bond Bandwagon, but even based on the few works I have devoured, I can say with confidence that she's one of the most talented writers I've worked with as of late. Her stories are full of gripping emotion and such vivid plots and settings that really leave a lasting impression on the mind of her readers. 

I have to say, of all the reviews I have written for Casey's books, this one here has proven to be the most difficult. How do you adequately interpret all these feels without spoiling the novel for new readers? Well, I'm honestly not sure I can, but doggone it, I'm going to try.

Frequency was everything I wanted from the third installment in this incredible series, but the funny thing is that I didn't realize it until after I read it. It's near-perfect. Continuing the gripping plotline she crafted in books one and two, the stakes are higher than ever now that Portia is fresh out of Frenzy and attempting to setting into a life as the one thing she's feared her entire life long. The nightwalkers have claimed Portia as their own after her own community abandoned her without a second glance. But with some digging and some hard-hitting questions, Portia learns the hard way that there's much more to the story than what the Elders of Blackwater let on. Can Portia uncover the secrets in time to save those she loves?

I can't say much more because OH BOY huge spoilers, but let's just say that Casey blew the doors on the genre fresh off their hinges. You will not see this plot twist coming from a mile away. Think you know Blackwater? Think again. But vamps aren't the only paranormal in town, what of Mercedes and the Infected, long-feared? Is there redemption for the Infected? Will there be hope for Saul, Portia's once love?

Readers everywhere are going to want to grab the tissues for this one, because the feels are real. Casey holds nothing back and delivers several emotional blows that really help to ground this story into a reality that's terrifying, but relatable, on multiple levels.

Much like the previous novels, each chapter is told from an alternative POV, but this time definitely holds some twists as well. With new characters' insight to the madness, Bond is able to further envelope us into the world she has so delicately crafted. Bond's writing transcends the boundaries of paranormal literally, leaving readers with minds blown and hearts full.

As I mentioned in my reviews for both books one and two, Bond really challenges the conventions of the genre with each installment. It's so much more than what you see on the surface and that in itself will leave you with so many questions at the end of the novel. Questions that will leave you pondering everything you thought you knew about the genre and leave you begging for more!

I have to say that the ending to Frequency was probably one of my favorite scenes that Bond has written to-date. After so much heart stopping action and emotion, Bond leaves you hanging on to each and every word, anxiously awaiting the finale. I was definitely not disappointed. Bond left the door wide open for the world that she has created and I know she will continue to shatter our realities with each passing installment. 

I know I've left a lot of vagueness in this review, with good reason. Any fan of Bond or the paranormal genre is definitely going to need to grab a copy of Frequency themselves to see what becomes of the Grant family, Blackwater, and the creatures that lurk in the surrounding forest. It's not to be missed! 

All of this being said, it should come as absolutely no surprise that I am granting Frequency by Casey L. Bond a near-perfect 5-star review. I'd have to say that this has been my favorite series of 2016 thus far and I can't speak highly enough of it. A perfect read for fans of New Adult, Paranormal, or anyone looking to shake up their TBR with something a little different. Add this incredible series to your TBR today!


You read it right! I'm giving away an entire Frantic trilogy set to one lucky reader. Comment below with YOUR favorite vampire/zombie tale to enter. That's it! Likes/follows/shares are greatly appreciated but not required for entry.


Alright readers, that's all I have for you on the topic of Frequency by Casey L. Bond. It was a fun, fast-paced read that I couldn't put down. I have yet to read something from Bond that I didn't love from the very first sentence. I know this guy will be anxiously awaiting the release of Bond's next great novel. Don't forget to comment below for your chance to win an ecopy of THE ENTIRE Frantic trilogy! Until next time, Happy Reading!



  1. I loved these books, to the point where I sort of started stalking Casey. She's such a good sport, though. I would have to say that it is actually my favorite vamp and/or zombie series. It combines humor, heart, and grittiness without being over-the-top gruesome (I mean, zombies can get pretty gross). Thank you for the chance!

  2. The Frenzy Series is also one of my favorites in this genre. Casey really knows how to pull you into her world. Excellent review!

  3. I have not read the Frenzy series yet but it sounds really good!! My favorite series with Zombies is the walking Dead

  4. One of my favorite series with zombies ( although they weren't called that ) is the Alone series by James Phelan.

    ~ April

  5. Honestly I have several vampire series I love but one that keeps popping up in my mind is the deadly beauties by CM Owens it's pretty addicting. The other series I'm obsessed with is A.Shade of Vampire series by Bella Forrest.