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Black Collar Queen by AN Latro Blog Tour (Exclusive Character Post + Giveaway)

Hey readers, Happy Monday! Hope you're having a great start to your weeks! I've got a special day of posting for you guys, but I'm beyond thrilled to be hosting today's tour stop for Black Collar Queen by the incredible AN Latro. Today's post will include an exclusive character post and an awesome giveaway! Before we get to all that fun, let's learn a bit about the novel and our author:

Claiming the Morgan Syndicate was supposed to be the hardest part—but now they have to keep it.

Seth Morgan has taken his place as the head of the Morgan syndicate, with his cousin Emma by his side. But the change of regime came at a heavy price: Emma’s mother is missing, and the Oliver syndicate wants Emma’s head on a platter.

And there are secrets—skeletons from their parents coming to haunt them. Seth is moving pieces, struggling to keep Emma safe and peace in the city while Emma alienates her lover and grapples with her past.

With threats on every side, and unable to trust their allies, Emma makes a misstep that could cost more than the syndicate is willing to pay: the life of it’s young queen.

thZ3DHR5O3About AN Latro: 

I loathe writing bios. So let’s play a game. One of these three are true… AN Latro lives in Ireland with her dog and cat and an over abundance of books. She loves solitude and boy bands, and hearing from readers. AN Latro lives in Florida, where the ocean is her favorite muse. She enjoys wine and tequila, and old movies about the mafia. She loves hearing from readers on Facebook and Twitter. AN Latro is the pen name of two friends. They love hearing from readers, and are usually getting into trouble with new ideas for the syndicate.

  Links: Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram  

Author Note: For this character post, I let the three main characters—Seth, Emma and Rama—have a night off. This is what happened. 

The room is quiet and the three young royals sit tensely, watching each other almost warily. “I don’t understand,” Rama says, his accent thickening with his confusion.

“She wants us to talk to each other,” Emma says, disgust edging her tone. She slides a glance at Seth who grins and hits the joint he’s holding with casual disregard. Emma rolls her eyes and starts to stand.

Ever the peace maker, Rama touches her knee, stilling her effortlessly. “Stay. Drink.”

Seth laughs, suddenly, and rises. Emma ignores her lover as she watches Seth prowl into the bar and return a few minutes later with a bottle of Makers Mark. Her eyebrows climb and he smirks, dropping back to the couch with a clatter of shot glasses.

“Ever play a drinking game?”

“Seth,” Emma says, her voice holding a soft warning and he gives her the boyish grin he knows damn well she can’t resist. She groans. “Such a bad idea.”

He laughs, and Rama watches as she shifts, a flush rising in her cheeks. He moves, snatching the bottle off the table and twisting it open. It draws their attention back to him, an obvious move that centers their gazes and pulls her away from Seth.

“Never have I ever….played a drining game with a Morgan.”

Seth laughs, and both he and Emma reach for their shots. Rama’s eyes her and she shrugs before tossing it back. “Caleb wasn’t a good influence, you know.”

Rama gives a wicked smile, and his eyes are hot as he murmurs, "I do know."

Color floods her cheeks but for the first time, so does curiosity. She ignores it, and pours three shots. For a moment, her brow furrows in thought. She eyes Seth for a moment, and then, "Never have I ever...been to Cuva."

Seth's expression hitches slightly, but he reaches for his shot good naturedly.

"You should go," he says. "You'd love it."

Her nose wrinkles, but Seth lifts the joint and hits it before she can argue. When he exhales, he says, "Never have I ever...graduated."

Rama and Emma obediently take their shots and Seth looks at Rama curiously. "Boarding school," he says. A grin lights his eyes and he glances between the cousins. "Never have I ever...seduced a class president."

Seth laughs and Emma flushes before doing her shot, cutting her cousin's laugh short. His expression goes stormy and she shrugs, then shudders as the whiskey hits her stomach. Seth looks away and she leans forward, stealing the joint from his fingers and hitting it lazily.

"Never have I ever....seduced an older woman."

Rama laughs, a wolfish noise that strings across her senses, and reaches for the shot as Seth does. "Fucking pimp," she mutters and he laughs again.

"Never have I ever..." Seth hesitates, pouring shots, "given a blow job."

Emma snorts, and takes the shot, ignoring Rama completely. Seth makes a choked noise and her gaze snaps to him. He's watching Rama who shrugs. Shadows dance in luquid dark eyes and he doesn't offer commentary as he lowers his shot glass.

"I think that's enough," Emma says and her voice is a quiet command. Both dark gazes drift to her and Seth nods. And despite the ghosts that are suddenly with them, there is a warmth in his eyes as he plucks the joint from the ashtray and offers it silently to the grieving prince.


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Alright readers, that's all I have for you on the topic of Black Collar Queenby the awesome AN Latro. I'll be honest and say I haven't yet had the great pleasure to devour this series, but I've heard amazing things and they're all on my TBR list! Have you guys checked it out yet? If not, be sure to add it to your TBRs as well and check out the purchase links above. Already read it? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments! Be sure to enter the giveaway before you head off. Huge thanks to my friends over at Inkslinger PR for allowing me to participate! Until next time, Happy Reading!


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